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How to take better photos with the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus While it may not pack the same number of megapixels as the Sony Xperia Z5 or the Nexus 6P the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is still one. It's not a hard job. iPhone has a high pixel, which can fully satisfy your needs of taking good pictures. So the key lies in your camera skills and post editing. As for camera skills, I suggest you to learn to use light and shadow,and find all the..

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Take high-quality photos with the advanced technologies built into your device. Just find your subject, open the Camera app, then tap the shutter button. Then unleash your creativity with Camera features like Live Photos, Portrait mode, camera filters, and more. You can even capture photos with time-lapse, slo-mo, pano, and more On the iPhone 11 Pro, you can shoot in Night mode using the 2x telephoto lens, but it still uses the standard 1x camera with digital zoom. For the best results on any iPhone 11 model, you'll want to take Night mode photos with the 1x wide-angle lens If you're wondering how to take good real estate photos with an iPhone, check out our tips and tools below for getting the best images to attract interested buyers. Click here to download your free PDF copy. How to Take Real Estate Photos With iPhone. Smartphone technology has evolved tremendously in the past few years With these 6 simple tips, you can take great photos of your pup using an iPhone. Note: All the photos in this post were taken with an iPhone! LOOK FOR GREAT LIGHT. This is the most crucial aspect of getting a quality photo with your iPhone. This is actually the most crucial tip for taking great photos with ANY camera

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For more experienced photographers, the iPhone now lets you take full, manual control over exposure, focus, and white balance. While fine-tuning each photo won't be possible when you're tying to capture impromptu photos, if you know you'll want photos and your kids are zooming around, or the setting is dark, you can take control of exposure to lose some light to reduce noise or blur Compose your shot Tap your screen where you want the focus to be. Slide the exposure up or down (The little yellow sun icon). Press and hold to lock the focus point and recompose your photo if you wish (AE/AF LOCK) How to take great product photos with your iPhone. Taking pictures of your used stuff to sell online takes some technique, but it doesn't have to be hard or expensive Even Apple's cheapest iPhone SE can take beautiful photos that you might not expect from such an affordable handset. But hidden inside these phones, or any iPhone launched after the iPhone 6, is a. While your iPhone camera won't match up with something like this, it is more than adequate for taking great photos. And if you want to take better photos than the average iPhone photographer, these 11 tips will help you become an iPhone camera pro. 12 tips to take amazing iPhone photos 1. Follow the rule of third

This time, the company has shared on its YouTube channel a new video showing how you can take and edit great photos in Night Mode using the iPhone and the iOS Photos app. The eight-minute video. Those are good news for us. However, having a good camera on your phone doesn't ensure that the photos you take will look better than others', you also need some tips on how to take better photos on iPhone 7/7 Plus. Below is what you need to know. Methods to Capture Better iPhone Photos 1. Use Grid Featur This photo and others like it were used by Apple in 2018 to demonstrate how both amateurs and professional photographers were able to take incredible photos on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Photo is the standard mode that you see when you open Camera. Use Photo mode to take still and Live Photos. Swipe left or right to choose one of the following camera modes: Video: Record a video. Time-lapse: Create a time‑lapse video of motion over a period of time. Slow-mo: Record a video with a slow-motion effect

And, if you have friends to take pictures of, this is a great way to make them look like an Instagram model without doing much work. Step 4: Choosing an editing ap Take Great Photos With an IPhone: Most of us carry a smartphone with us everywhere these days, so it's important to know how to use your smartphone camera to take great photos! I've only had a smartphone for a couple years, and I've loved having a decent camera to document things I Watch out for cloud storage shenanigans. Cloud storage services, like Google Photos or iCloud, can be a great way to take a ton of photos without worrying about how much space is left on your phone

The iPhone 6 camera is one of the best smartphone cameras on the market, and it takes better photos than most dedicated point-and-shoot cameras, but a good camera alone won't just magically take. The iPhone 6S is quite a bit smaller and lighter than a full-size DSLR (or even most compacts), so we get correspondingly smaller and more portable tripods as well. Some, like the Kenu Stance Compact iPhone 6S/6S Plus, are extremely light and slim. You'll get a stable platform that allows you to take sharper photos with less blur Live Photos record short videos before and after you press the shutter button, letting you see what happened just before and after the photo was taken. Live photos are available on iPhone 6s and newer models. Because Live Photos also record short videos, they also take up more storage space than regular photos Community Answer. If it is an iPhone, then go to Settings and there should be a setting called Wallpaper. Click it, then click Set Wallpaper, then select the photo you want to be the wallpaper. Follow the prompts to save and you're all done

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4. USE BURST MODE. Simply hold down the shutter release button and your iPhone will take ten photos per second. When you're content with the number of selfies you've shot, pull your finger off the button. If you have one of the newer iPhones, the camera app will then suggest which one (s) you might like best Use a photo app that gives you manual control over exposure, focus and white balance. Shoot a good spread of coverage (i.e. horizontals, verticals, tight crops, loose crops, and varying angles). Then add some good old-fashioned fun to the equation and I think you'll find the small product photography experience quite exciting and addictive Yes, the iPhone's tap to focus feature is great, but it's not perfect. The device quite often decides to refocus the image after you've chosen your subject, so it's often best to bypass it The native camera app on your iPhone is capable of taking HDR photos - in fact, you may have it turned on without even realizing it was happening. If you are using the native camera to take an iPhone photo featuring the sun in the background, you will always want to make sure to use the HDR mode Taking a photo may seem simple, but not all of you manage to get the perfect pic that you expect every time you click a snap. If you think that your selfie time needs some pro tips to get stunning shots, head into to discover some coolest tips that can help you take a perfect selfie with your iPhone

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  1. As with many apps on the iPhone, you find the Camera app icon on the Home screen. Unless you moved things around, the Camera app is positioned on the upper row of icons, all the way to the right and adjacent to its next of kin, the Photos icon. Might as well snap an image [
  2. utes. If you expose longer, the stripes become longer. The photo below was taken with an exposure of 30 seconds. Taken with NightCap
  3. How to take professional photos at home with your smartphone. Most ecommerce store owners know the basics of taking product photos with a smartphone: find a white background and some natural light, choose the highest quality setting and resolution possible on your phone—and click! You have a product photo. This is a great start
  4. Smartphones can take some pretty good photos, if you know what you're doing. Here are some tips to take your smartphone photography to the next level
  5. d to create a new post. Tap 3D Photos among the media uploading options.; Choose a portrait photo from your camera roll
  6. g out on September 25, I decided now was the best time to create a new video to prove once and for all that quality photography can be taken with any budget
  7. It is a photograph of the Moon, taken with an iPhone. You need only witness one of these to know that the Moon, in an iPhone photo, does not look like the Moon. It looks like a yellow, ovular blur.

The iPhone functions as a fantastic camera, capable of capturing much of what a DSLR can. These iPhone photography tips will guide you in creating better photos with your iPhone. Remember to master the shortcuts the iPhone has. Don't forget to look for great lighting and expressive compositions Take photos in the app or import from your phone's existing photo albums. Use the Camera+ stabilizer feature to take sharper photos. Tripod: If you have shaky hands or just want to line up shots like a pro, you can buy a tripod specifically made to work with your iPhone Section 2. iPhone Macro Photography Tips. Taking great photos in macro mode isn't always as easy as it looks. Novice users can become frustrated when images come out dark, blurry or out of focus. Here are some top tips to get your iPhone macro photography just right, and to start building a collection of gorgeous close up images. Tip1. Find.

#6. Take Photos and Record Video at Same Time on iPhone 11 Pro Max. It has happened with almost everyone at some point or the other; while taking a photo, you come across a beautiful moment and want to capture a video of it immediately. The standard procedure of doing so is to change to the video mode and then shoot Locking the auto-focus on the moon will help contribute to your iPhone camera's ability to take a good photograph on the moon in the sky at night time. Tip 5: Lower The Exposure Setting. Manually lowering the exposure setting is the method to compensate for the general default settings of an iPhone 1. Include a focal point. For flawless and crisp photographs, you don't need to be a pro at photography. Learning the right way to take a shot and including a focal point helps you capture the perfect landscape photo in iPhone. Choose an object in your frame, like a bird flying on the sky, a baby playing in the garden, an animal walking on sea.

Here's a tip: buy a DSLR if you want good photos.Here's a tip: Not everyone knows how to handle a dSLR, nor the time to take to learn it, nor the capability to buy a $600+ device in addition to. Let's take a look at 25 iPhone Photography tips that can significantly improve your mobile photos. Table of Contents. 25 Top iPhone Photography Tips for 2021. 1. Get fast access to your iPhone camera. 2. Blur the background on the cheap. 3. Use the volume button to take sharper photos Part 2: Tips and Trick to Take Great Photos on iPhone. Everyone has a bit of photographer inside them, with high end phones and amazing cameras any one can capture some awesome moments. iPhone Camera is quite good and it can take pretty amazing photos if you know how to use it right Taking clear photos at night with your iPhone is about as likely as making it through a whole day on a single battery charge. That is to say, it doesn't happen. But it's not necessarily Apple's fault The Sell on Etsy smartphone app makes it a breeze to upload product photos made on your iPhone. Here are some suggestions for taking the best product photos with your phone- with a few organization tips included too! 1. Take a lot of photos. When doing product shots it's best to take a bunch of photos and then narrow it down from there

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This is a good thing, as it completely removes any possibility of introducing camera shake, which is one of the key issues in crappy iPhone photos. Step 6 - Take a photo. Once you have set yourself up, it is time take a photo. One of the keys to good photography is harnessing or controlling the light. At first glance the above photo might. How to Shoot Clearer, Better Photos with the iPhone. 1. Find Good Lighting. Good lighting is your best friend when it comes to getting nice, clear images. When you don't have good lighting, pictures turn out dark, grainy, and oftentimes a little blurry. For best image results, choose natural lighting over artificial whenever you can Whether it is a DSLR camera or an iPhone, with the right settings adjusted accordingly you will be able to take astounding shots of the northern lights. #3 Lenses. The wider the lens means the more of the sky you can capture. Don't forget to also bring a wipe to take off the moisture and frost from time to time

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The iPhone 7 Plus comes with the same standard modes we're all used to - Pano[rama], Square, Photo, Video, Slow-Mo and Time-Lapse. New for the iPhone 7 Plus is Portrait mode, which can be. How to take better Ebay photos with your iPhone. I buy and sell fairly frequently on Ebay and as I was teaching a friend, how to Sell on Ebay, he made the very astute observation, that most of the photo's on Ebay look like they have been taken with a crappy camera phone, and that you couldn't really see the products very well

Ask yourself if each individual element adds something to make it a great photo. If the answer is no, it's taking away from the photos. Branches, sky and other people are just a few things to look out for. The branch in the shot below really bugs me. You can use photo editing software, such as Photoshop or a camera app More photos are taken on iPhone than any other camera in the world It was quite difficult to get the shots that I wanted to, but after some time and getting used to the environment there, I. You can make great food photos with an iPhone, but at a certain point low-light photography suffers because of the hardware limitations. That's when you'll want a full-size DSLR camera

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Download Night Camera: Low light photos and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Thanks to the manual setting options for light exposure up to 1 second *, separate residual light- and ISO enhancement, Night Camera is perfect for taking pictures in a dark, insufficiently lit environment Hello talented people! Can anyone figure out how to take such picture? I've been obsessing over such aesthetic. How can we get this photo effect let's say through iPhone Then just take another shot, and again, just make sure that you take a few shots. Here is what that shot looks like. Then you can also zoom in on it, and it's going to give you a much closer shot. You can see there's little water droplets in everything. The iPhone does a really great job with taking macro photos

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The best camera is the one you've got with you, they say. And for a great many of us, that's the camera in our iPhones. Fortunately, any iPhone released in the past couple of years will have an. With each new iPhone, they have continually increased the megapixels in the cameras and have made it easier than ever to ensure the photos you're taking turn out great. Even if you aren't using the most up-to-date iPhone these tips on taking pictures on your phone will help you out tremendously 6 creative iPhone Camera tricks that'll let you capture awesome photos Posted by Jason on Aug 26, 2014 in Featured , iPad Tips , iPad Tips and Tricks , iPhone Tips and Tricks , Photography The iPhone's camera is great, and Apple has a lot of options in the Camera app to enhance your photos, but here are a few tricks that you can use to take. Camera + ($0.99): Personally, this is my favorite iPhone photography app — I always get questions on what I use to edit my photos. You can use it to take your photos, or take your photos in Camera and then use Camera+ to edit because they have a great set of photo filters to make any photo look professional

If you've purchased an iPhone X, or any iPhone for that matter, you might be wondering how you can capture the ultimate underwater pictures with your new technology. Read the latest from Hitcase on how you can take the perfect underwater pictures with your iPhone. Follow these simple tips and see how choosing the right waterproof iPhone case and lenses is key for taking the best pictures. Pull up the flashlight. One person takes his or her iPhone and turns on the flashlight, which can be found when you flick up from the bottom of the screen. 4. Set the stage. At this point, our lighting assistant should hold his or her iPhone above the photo-taking phone in order to create a flattering light Launch the Settings app on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and swipe down to the Photos & Camera section. Tap there, and then swipe down past the Slideshow section to Camera. You'll see toggle switches. Lately I've become interested in recording the precise locations where I make my photos. I have an iPhone 4S and figured that might make a good GPS receiver, so I set about trying to find the best software, methods and workflow to make the process as accurate and easy as possible. The best result: iPhone 4S with the GPS Tracks app and Adobe Lightroom. Following are details of my findings

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So I turned to my colleague, Mike Watson of San Diego-based Video Approach for basic advice for all of us, on how to take Christmas Day photos with our smartphones. Here's what he has to say. The iPhone has a great camera. It's especially nice because it's always in your pocket, so when the kids are at the park or something cute happens in the car, you always have it with you Instead of tapping the shutter button just once, hold it down while taking your shot. The iPhone will go into burst mode, capturing multiple photos per second. Now open your photo gallery and. When you use the camera of iPhone 6S, you have various options of choosing apps that enable you with new photography techniques. You should look for an app that helps you take better pictures with the use of HDR. The processing of HDR is a bit slow but the apps available for your iPhone can make the processing a bit faster In this gallery, I provide tips on how to improve your iPhone photography, accompanied by examples from my own travels. Always Have Your iPhone With You. The best camera to have is the one that. An iPhone is capable of taking some astonishing photos—look no further than Apple's Shot with iPhone campaign for proof—but as always, understanding your tools is the first step to.

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Make adjustments as needed and take test photos until you're happy with the settings, then fire away. Take a variety of photos of the product to show as much detail as possible. Use a telephoto or macro lens to zoom in on important features, such as texture. Take photos of the front and back, the inside and outside, the top and bottom People take millions of photos on the iPhone every day - making it the world's most popular camera, according to photo-sharing site Flickr. Taking great iPhone photos is not always easy because. Set Up The iPhone. Make sure your stand is on a steady surface so the phone doesn't shake. Height - If you are going to stand to take the photos, start with a lense height at about your chin. Same if sitting. I find this to be a good starting point, and you can adjust as you go If you want to take great pictures with your iPhone, it's the way to go. Better Video With FiLMiC Pro. The features that make a great video recording app are different to those that make a great photo app. FiLMiC Pro is one of the best available. It costs $4.99 and requires iOS 6.1 or later. FiLMiC Pro gives you almost total control over how.