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Kiln dried, long lasting firewood for the whole family to enjoy. The TIMBERTOTE Hardwood Firewood Mix brings high-quality firewood to your campsite, fire pit or fireplace for cozy fires and gooey s'mores. This firewood bundle uses a mix of various hardwood fire logs for easy lighting and best results These natural hardwood fire logs are kiln-dried in the USA. They are easy to light and are a great addition to indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits and campfires alike. This firewood bundle comes shrink-wrapped for their security and protection in transit. The packaging features a handle for easy carrying of your firewood logs to your. Hardwood Fire Logs. Premium Irish Firewood Seasoned Irish hardwood fire logs supplied from sustainable sources Firewood contains only 20% moisture. Sticks suitable for stoves, wood burners and open fires. Ash and beech burns longer and produces more heat than soft woods Ordering a truckload of logs for firewood is one of the fastest ways to accumulate a lot of wood while still saving a few dollars by cutting it yourself. Although it costs more money than felling a tree on your own, sometimes the advantages of having the wood delivered to your house is worth the extra money Hardwood, hands down. While it takes longer to ignite than softwood, there are many benefits to burning hardwood, especially if you use your fireplace or wood stove often (e.g. to cook over or heat your home). Hardwoods Yield Hotter, Cleaner, Longer-Lasting Fires. Hardwood is denser than softwood, meaning it burns hotter and longer

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Legendary BBQ begins with legendary fuel & flavor. Jealous Devil Hardwood Charcoal and Fire Logs are made the purest natural materials. Find out more Manor Logs sell great value hardwood and softwood firewood for your log burners and open fires. There's nothing like a roaring fire to make you feel cosy over winter and create a festive atmosphere. Perfect for the whole family to gather around, our wood is dried, cut and ready to use straight away

Hardwood logs are best used to keep a fire going. Once your fire is roaring happily away and you've got an instant heat thanks to your seasoned softwood (or whichever method you've chosen to get your fire going) best practice is to add hardwood logs that are dried to kiln dried standards to sustain the burn Dundee Oak 18 in. Vented Natural Gas Fireplace Log Set with Complete Kit, Match Lit The Dundee Oak 18 in. Vented NATURAL Gas The Dundee Oak 18 in. Vented NATURAL Gas Log Set has more to offer, combining luxury and quality with technology. This 18 gas log set is utilizing a single burner tube and will provide up to 74,000 BTU's/hour Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs - Ready To Burn. Kingdom Firewood is a small Fife based company. All our ready to burn firewood is kiln dried, cut and split locally. We do not import our wood from abroad. Our premium kiln dried hardwood logs provide a very clean burn with a maximum heat output Product Details. Build the perfect fire with Redstone. These compressed hardwood fuel bricks are kiln-dried for more clean fire that leaves less ash waste. Additive free, these wood bricks are great for wood burning stoves & fireplaces. Additive free. Made only from 100% burnable wood fiber waste products - kiln dried hardwood sawdust & shavings Save money: Wood bricks burn hotter and longer than cordwood, which means you're getting more heat for your money! Save space: One pallet of wood bricks gives you the same heat as about a cord of wood - but takes up only about a third of the space. Save your back: Don't bother hauling, chopping, and stacking cordwood - we deliver neat pallets of pre-stacked, weather-protected wood bricks

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While oak wood can take a little longer to become properly seasoned than other firewoods, the fire from well seasoned oak in your wood stove can't be beat. This is the mainstream firewood favorite for wood stoves, and probably one of the all-around best logs for a wood burning stove. 2. Maple: Maple firewood burns very similarly to Ash 100% Kiln-dried, hardwood sawdust compressed wood fire logs. Each pack contains 12 blocks. Chemical Free. Burn in any woodburning device Eco Logs. With a sweet aroma and a hot fire this is an excellent choice for a cosy night in with an open fire. Our Alder hardwood Eco Logs are a great economic option. Learn More Shop Now. Air Dried Hardwood. From the best species, our naturally air dried hardwood is and excellent firewood choice at low cost.. The fire logs will arrive shrink-wrapped, which protects them from damage during transit. These firewood logs are great for campfires, backyard firepits, and wood-burning pizza ovens, grills, ovens, and stoves. They are made of 100-percent, all-natural hickory & oak wood. These hardwood fire logs are compressed to minimize air, gaps, and splinters In terms of the burn, hardwood logs produce fewer sparks and reduce the presence of smoke considerably better than softwood such as pine, spruce, cedar, poplar or balsam. Hardwood can offer a much longer-lasting fire. In fact, the hot coals will maintain a longer-lasting warmth in the surrounding environment, so there's no need to keep.

Pine Mountain's fire logs generate bold flames that burn for up to four hours—longer than most. Each log is constructed of recycled hardwood, molasses, shells, and nuts Hardwood is generally the best wood for your fireplace. Popular Types of Hardwood For Burning: The list of different types of hardwood could go on and on forever, so we will focus on just three of the most popular: Oak. A favorite because it can be found almost anywhere, oak is very dense and can burn for a long, long time Softwoods are good at starting a fire and then switching to hardwood for a longer-lasting fire. Hardwood vs Softwood - The Amount Of Heat Produced Different types of firewood, regardless of whether it's a hardwood vs softwood, can be classified by the heat energy they produce per cord of wood Therefore, the best types of firewood for a wood stove or fireplace burn hot and relatively steadily, producing more heat and, typically, burning more completely. These woods tend to be hardwoods, such as hickory or ash, rather than softwoods, such as pine and cedar

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At Forest to Fire we want the whole ordering process to be as easy as possible for you. We can take your logs orders over the phone on 01243 811806 and will take the details about your order, including: 1. The volume of wood you require, 2. The log length required 3. A convenient delivery time, and 4 Hardwood logs. Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs are denser than their softwood compatriots; this means on average hardwood will burn for longer than softwood. There are many different types of hardwoods, typical hardwoods for sale in Ireland are Ash, Beech, Oak, Sycamore, Birch, Alder and a bit of Hawthorn Hardwood heat logs bring many benefits that make it easier to light and burn your fires, as well as cleaning up afterwards. Easy To Light: The compressed hardwood in these heat logs mean they are extremely easy to light. You can use individual logs to boost traditional fires or create the fire using just these heat logs Jumbo Hardwood Logs. High heat,quality hardwood logs, low ash, carbon neutral. Sale in the net woven sacks for everyone who have limited store space. Firewood logs is suitable for stove and open fire. €8.0 Hardwood, Seasoned Fire Logs and Kindling with delivery to central Hampshire From our sister company, All Aspects Logs. We can provide you with a wide range of barn dried seasoned hardwood fire logs and kindling from our base near Alresford in Hampshire. Our hardwood log bags are made up of oak, ash, beech and birch mix

Burn a combination of Hard & Soft wood. Softwood for either starting a quick and easy fire that instatntly warms your home or to revive a fire that has died back. Hardwood then to maintain your fire and warmth more conveniantly and economically. To make things even easier use our Kindling in combination with the Hard & Softwood Welcome to Hardwood Logs Ltd, a family run business which prides itself on its well established reputation for quality, reliability and friendly service. Based just outside the village of Lea near Matlock we have been producing & selling logs for 30 years. We have in stock the largest variety of logs within the Derbyshire area, selling a range. Fire Logs, Wood Pellets & Fire Starters Bring the heat home with the right fuel for your fireplace or stove with fire wood, logs, hardwood pellets, and other fire starter products. This store is temporarily not accepting online orders due to increased demand

A Tree Company sells split seasoned firewood. Our firewood is mostly mixed hardwood or pine softwood mix. Firewood is cut around 16. Firewood can be picked up at our yard or delivered for $50.00. We also can stack firewood at your location for an additional charge. Stacking is $100 per cord and $60 per 1/2 cord Block Wood. $80 a ton. Please inquire below about firewood delivery rates. 3 tons minimum. Please Call us Ahead of Time to get current prices for FIREWOOD FOR SALE IN OHIO. Our offices Phone Number is 740-332-8515. Our firewood delivery is fast and always running. Ask our sales staff for a free quote. Delivery time runs approximately 1-7 days. Showing all 5 results Kindling Box $ 45.00 Add To Car

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The lake Ann Hardwoods Sawmill, buyer of both standing timber and cut logs. We sell Firewood, oak, pine, maple, hardwoods and soft. Finished products include tongue and groove, fence post, rough sawn lumber, call us at 231-275-6406 or visit our websit Aberdeenshire Firewood Merchant for hardwood logs. Buy your hardwood logs delivered by the lorry load. Cut and Chopped from the longest established Firewood Merchants in Scotland. Firewood Merchants since 1935. tel. 01224 771655. email us. Firewood Merchants since 1935 About Eco-Block Firewood. Eco-Block Firewood is a regional retailer of compressed firewood bricks located in Ohio. Eco-Blocks are environmentally friendly, additive free, compressed hardwood sawdust bricks used for home heating fuel in wood burning stoves, wood burning fire places, outdoor wood furnace fire pits and much more Premium Quality Logs and Firewood from LogsFife.com call 07968 120331 for your best choice for seasoned logs and firewood in Fife

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Dalby Firewood sell quality seasoned hardwood logs, benefiting both the environment and your household budget. Delivery throughout England, Wales and mainland Scotland. Tel: 01653 66817 BIRCH - 26 btu's. Softwood - 14 btu's. DO NOT BUY LOGS BY WEIGHT - as wet logs weigh more and can be up to 60% moisture, so why buy water! Our logs are dried to 20% and we only sell by volume, small or large crates. The logs are packed in crates by hand reducing any empty space, unlike builders bags where the logs are just tipped in The fire logs will arrive shrink-wrapped, which protects them from damage during transit.??These firewood logs are great for campfires, backyard firepits, and wood-burning pizza ovens, grills, ovens, and stoves. They are made of 100-percent, all-natural hickory wood. These hardwood fire logs are compressed to minimize air, gaps, and splinters

2) Is it 100% hardwood? Some firewood suppliers mix in softer woods such as sycamore, pine, maple, and others which don't burn nearly as long as a good seasoned hardwood like oak or hickory. We deliver only 100% hardwood. 3) Are the logs at least 14 to 18 inches in length? Firewood should be short enough to be put into fireplaces or wood stoves. When used properly, wood is a 100% renewable, carbon neutral source of energy which is cheaper and more eco-friendly than gas or other alternatives. With the gorgeous scented smoke, cheery crackle and gentle glow of a wood burning fire, you can really set the scene in your home with Logs Direct For the past four years some of our winter wood supply has come from the woods across the road from our house but we have cleared out most of those storm-damaged trees and we are always looking for a new firewood source. The price for hardwood keeps going up currently hardwood that is stove length, split, and delivered is selling for $300 or more per cord

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  1. Instead, you can stock up on our hardwood logs, stack them up in your garden and grab from the pile whenever you need to warm the home. If you spend less time searching for firewood, then you can spend more time having fun around the fire. We offer a variety of log types to our customers, including hardwood oak firewood, and ash firewood
  2. Seasoned, completely dry firewood is the best wood for burning in your fireplace or wood stove. Hardwood, which is more dense and usually more expensive than softwood, takes longer to season.
  3. Hardwood is wood from dicot angiosperm trees. Hardwood contrasts with softwood (which is from gymnosperm trees). A gymnosperm is a plant that has seeds unprotected by an ovary or fruit. Gymnosperms include the conifers, cycads, and ginkgo. Cherries, very obviously, are not gymnosperms. The seed of a cherry is protected by the cherry fruit

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item 3 TimberTote Natural Hardwood Mix Fire Log Firewood Bundle for Fireplace & Firepit 3 - TimberTote Natural Hardwood Mix Fire Log Firewood Bundle for Fireplace & Firepit. $48.00. Free shipping. No ratings or reviews yet No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review Splitting wood: Wet wood is easier to split than dry wood. Wood must be split into pieces and stacked out of the rain for at least six months to season properly. Seasoning firewood: If steam bubbles and hisses out of the end grain as the firewood heats up on the fire, the wood is wet, or green, and needs to be seasoned longer before burning. The Hardwood Firewood Mix brings high-quality firewood to your campsite, fire pit, or fireplace for cozy fires and gooey s'mores. This firewood bundle uses a mix of various hardwood fire logs for easy lighting and best results. By mixing together woods, you'll enjoy a long-lasting fire that produces dynamic flames and flickering flame colors

South Yorkshire Firewood are a Sheffield based firewood supplier specialising in high quality hardwood kiln dried firewood logs for your log burner, open fire or other wood burning stoves and boilers. We also sell other associated solid fuel products such as fire lighters, heat logs & smokeless fuel. Free Deliveries of bulk bags of logs can be. There are also two options for netted kiln dried logs: 40 nets and 80 nets. They are available in Ash, Ash & Oak, Oak, Birch, as well as mixed hardwoods species. Our prices are inclusive of 5 % VAT and free 2-3 day Nationwide Delivery. So buy your kiln dried logs direct from the manufacturer and save your money today For this reason, softwoods make excellent kindling for any fire, even ones with hardwood logs. The next time you go on a hunt for firewood, keep the highlights of this information in mind. That is, the best general purpose campfires have softwood kindling, hardwood logs, and are made entirely from dry, dead wood Make sure your fire pits and fireplaces are well stocked with our homegrown logs! Our logs are from hardwood tree species, dried to the correct.. Ready To Burn Loose Kiln Dried Loose Hardwood Logs - RRP from £95 | SALE PRICE from £85.50 a 0.9m3 dumpy bag plus FREE DELIVERY Rated 5.00 out of 5 Read Mor

Firewood supplier North East Logs, delivers to Sunderland, Newcastle, gateshead and surrounding areas. We deliver kiln dried firewood direct to your home across the North East. We are please to announce that we have secured a supply of kiln dried hardwood. This wood has been dried to a moisture of around 15% We are a family owned Farming and Firewood business based in Durham. We supply Firewood & Hardwood Logs to homes, farm shops, local stores & big garden centres and hotels across the North East. With a large customer base we are now able to supply over 300 tonnes of logs a year, we owe this success to the quality of the logs we source

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Surrey Log Delivery. The great thing about buying your firewood, whether it's kiln dried hardwood logs, seasoned logs, kindling or fireside accessories from Surrey Hills Firewood, is that we deliver it in bulk, direct to your door! We deliver logs all over Surrey and the surrounding areas. In fact, we can ship them wherever you need us too Welcome to Firewood & Logs. We are a leading supplier of firewood and renewable fuels in the UK and we have a vast choice of products available for delivery across the country. Customer care and quality products are our main focuses, and they are central to everything that we do. We have excellent offers available all the time which can save. Aberdeenshire Logs was set up in 2017 to provide quality kiln-dried firewood throughout Aberdeenshire. The business is based in Insch and is run by the owner, Nick, with the help of his small, reliable team. We are focused on making the whole process as convenient as possible for you; from the simple online ordering of your firewood right the. Homefire Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs. Large Handy bag of kiln-dried logs delivered straight into your log store (Loose volume equivalent 0.1m 3). Sometimes, there's nothing better than the sight, smell and sound of a real log fire made with Homefire Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs keeping you warm on a winter's night

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  1. ea, BBQ Wood Burner Kiln Dried Hardwood Under 20% Moisture. Ready to Burn Fire Logs
  2. We stock genuine Pini Kay heat logs, very similar to Hotties, Nestro Heat Logs and Normandy Beech Briquettes and it's so much easier to have Heat Logs delivered to your home than carry them home from your local supermarket or garage plus our Heat Logs are premium quality generating immense heat
  3. ea, BBQ Wood Burner Kiln Dried Hardwood Under 20% Moisture. 25cm Ready to Burn Fire Logs. . Kindling Wood x 4 Bags - Kiln Dried - About 12kg. Perfect for Starting Open Fires, Charcoal, Wood Burning Stoves, BBQ's, Log Burners, Camp Fires, Fire Pits and Pizza Ovens, Comes in.
  4. Hardwood Dry Fire Wood (Appleton) < image 1 of 1 > QR Code Link to This Post. Hardwood Dry $95 a face cord most pieces 20 W show contact info show contact info. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers; post id: 7357423029. posted: 2021-07-28 08:30. ♥ best of . safety tips

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Welcome to Anglia Firewood. We offer quality kiln dried and air dried firewood throughout East Anglia and surrounding areas. We are based in Suffolk, but are able to deliver our firewood to most East Anglian addresses. If you would like to know more about our firewood or delivery please contact us via email or call us free on 0800 112 3469 All of the wood is harvested from local trees that are cut down in residential and commercial job sites. Our prices vary depending on season, and type of wood. Call today to place an order, 801-484-8733 (TREE). We have a variety of quality fire wood to choose from. True hardwood mix: oak, walnut, maple, locust, ash, some fruit woo Wood Fuel - Dry Well Seasoned Firewood, Air Dried Hardwoods. Ready to burn. All of our firewood is stored on site. We supply quality hardwood firewood to all areas in the northeast. Look no further for quality cut and split fire wood in Massachusetts, MA Hard Wood. Looking for great burning wood, prompt delivery and a fair price. We have the quality and quanity you are looking for. Mixed Hardwood Fire Wood. In need of some of the best all natural Fire Starters. Try some of our Fat Wood. Simply the easiest way to start a fire. Your going to love them

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All Hardwood Mix: Long lasting hardwood mix burns hot and lasts over night. We use white oak, live oak, red oak, maple, ash wood, cherry wood etc to make a nice firewood mix. Each cord weighs about 4,000 lbs. Delivery pricing is all split and seasoned wood. 1/4 cord $180 1/2 cord for $360, Euro cord for $540, 2 cords for $960, 2.5 cords for. We primarily sell two types of processed firewood: seasoned and semi-seasoned. Both are processed from locally cut hardwood trees and cut into 16 to 18 pieces and split 3 to 8 wide. We proudly serve and deliver (without a delivery surcharge) our premium firewood to all Northern RI towns, including but not limited to, Burrillville. kiln dried hardwood firewood (16, cord only) delivery also. Coll's Firewood. 603-532-7604. Keene. NH. seasoned split hardwood firewood, custom cut; green avail. (free delivery to Keene area) Russell Logging and Lumber A rule of thumb often used for estimating heat value of firewood is: One cord of well-seasoned hardwood (weighing approximately two tons) burned in an airtight, draft-controlled wood stove with a 55-65% efficiency is equivalent to approximately 175 gallons of #2 fuel oil or 225 therms of natural gas consumed in normal furnaces having 65-75%.

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Seasoned logs & Firewood Chichester area, Forest to Fire sells locally sourced wood from sustainably managed woodland, All our Hardwood Logs are seasoned for between 18 months to 2 years to ensure that the wood is perfect for your fire or log burning stov Gwili Firewood offers the highest quality hardwood logs for sale in the Carmarthen, West Wales area. All our wood is felled in the Carmarthenshire area from sustainable sources. Oak, ash, sycamore and other woods are available by the loose cubic meter. All our hardwood logs are seasoned and dried out to 20 - 25%. We also sell our logs by. Keep a few logs near your fireplace for those evenings by the fire, but store the rest of your firewood outside and restock as needed. If you don't have a covered woodshed or storage area, store your firewood with the bark side of the log on top. Bark is a natural barrier and will keep some of the rain from saturating your wood Firewood for sale in Michigan! Capac Hardwood Lumber Company has been selling seasoned & green firewood in bulk and purchasing standing timber in Michigan for over 25 years - dependably and honestly. Please contact us today for a price quote on firewood, tree clearing from your property or to purchase hardwood lumber

Delivery Area Order Now. Providing fully seasoned hardwood logs, firewood & firelighting supplies from our farm in Surrey to your doorstep, in a 90-minute window. Starting from £132.50 per 1.2m3 load. Price List Welcome to Coventry Firewood. Our quality firewood logs are perfect for domestic use. Please note that we only sell seasoned hardwood logs in full builders bags for delivery in Coventry, Birmingham, Leamington, Warwick and surrounding areas For more than 19 years we have supplied Portland homeowners, campgrounds, restaurants and other local businesses thousands of cords of dry, premium firewood. We guarantee a consistent, manageable product. The standard length of the wood is 16-18. Wood can be purchased in full cords, 1/2 cords, 1/4 cords and 1/8 cords. We offer delivery and U.

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Hardwood Logs. Our seasoned hardwood logs are 100% British from sustainable sources. It is naturally air dried to an average moisture content of 20%. Our Seasoned logs are split, stored in covered, vented boxes outside for 24 months allowing the air to circulate through the wood resulting in superb quality logs that are ready for immediate use The logs burn more slowly; however, it's much more difficult to get a fire started using hardwood. It's best to use softwood kindling to get your fire started and then add the hardwood. In short, hardwoods are the most efficient kind of firewood, they burn longest, and they produce the most heat Hardwood Kindling. While you're at it, why not pick up a bag of our kiln dried, hardwood kindling. Perfect for creating a roaring fire, our kindling will create a white hot core in minutes, providing a great base to put our hardwood briquettes on, or your own wood

Welcome to Central Scotland Firewood (A.K.A. Argaty Red Kites Hardwood Logs). We are Central Scotland's number one firewood distributor. From our farm - located between Doune and Dunblane in Stirlingshire, Central Scotland - we run a sustainable firewood business, selling seasoned hardwood logs. We deliver the firewood all over Central Scotland This is due to the fact wood fibers are closer together in hardwood. Assuming you're starting your fire with softwood and sustaining it with hardwoods, you'll end up with a great, long-lasting fire. If you're using 12- to 14-inch logs approximately four or five inches in diameter, you'll likely be using four or five logs every two hours. Some types of wood (like oak) may take longer to dry out, while other types of wood (like hickory) may take far less time to dry out. We recommend for most wood to be split and uncovered for 1-4 months of 70º-95º heat for the best fire and heat results

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fire stoking difficult or impossible. For stoves and wood burners, pieces should be at least 7.5 cm (3 in) shorter than the fire box size. Even if a stove firebox is big enough to take firewood as long as 50 cm (20 in), shorter pieces are usually more desirable for ease of handling and fire maintenance. Good quality firewood is a consistent length Simple Simon Premium Hardwood. Simple Simon Premium Hardwood is produced to outperform the competition with a select mix of oak, maple, cherry, black alder, birch, ash and beech. Dried to USDA standards, Simple Simon starts and burns thoroughly, while also being pest and mildew-free. Simple Simon Mixed Hardwood is packaged in a several manners

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  1. Wood Products Offered for Sale. Hardwood Products offers many varieties of hardwood lumber and Wood Products for any occassion. We have lumber sales for Businesses large and small. We also offer wood for sale for personal use. If you want to Buy Firewood, we have some of the largest slection of Firewood for sale online
  2. Kiln Dried Logs for Sale. We supply kiln dried logs for sale in both bags and large pallets. Our kiln dried firewood contains 20% or less moisture. The logs are 25cm / 10 inches in length with a typical diameter of 5 to 15cm (2 - 6 inches) We supply direct to the domestic customer and also wholesale
  3. Beauly Construction: Suppliers Of Quality Firewood Across Inverness & The Highlands. Quality seasoned Hardwood & Softwood - Ideal for wood burning stoves and open fires - delivered to your door throughout the Inverness area. Beauly Construction is the top supplier of firewood in Inverness and surrounding area
  4. Kiln Dried Logs. 15% or less Moisture. Kiln dried logs are naturally seasoned firewood that is dried more in a wood-fired kiln to reduce the moisture content to 15%. Seasoned Logs and Kiln Dried Logs are delivered in Bulk Bags ( 90 x 90 x90 cm) and Barrow Bags ( 45 x 45 x 90 cm) and Log Nets 45 x 60 cm. Shop Kiln Dried Logs
  5. 5 Wood Alternatives for Wood-Burning Fire Pits and Fireplaces. If you have the budget and are ready to replace your fire pit, opt for a natural gas fire pit or a bioethanol fire pit to significantly reduce the health and environmental hazards while still enjoying a backyard fire feature
  6. Homefire Kiln-dried Hardwood Logs. Standard Handy Bags of kiln-dried logs delivered straight into your log store. When it comes to wood fuel, Kiln Dried Logs are the finest that money can buy. Extremely dry, with a Ready to Burn-certified moisture content of less than 20%, Kiln Dried Logs burn hotter and for longer than any other type of log fuel

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  1. Fire Wood Seasoned and Split Hardwood Firewood $100 for a face cord (4 ft. X 8 ft.) $180 for 2 face cords (8 ft. X 8 ft.) Other quantities available. I'll help with loading. Free kindling with your..
  2. AJS Logs of Largs will supply you with quality hardwood fire logs.Our firewood, logs and kindling are barn dried and ready to burn.. Logs: Loose: £110/m 3 inc. delivery.. Bagged: £5/bag inc. delivery (22 bags is equivalent to 1m 3).. Minimum quantity: 10 bags
  3. imises residue on glass fronted stoves & flues
  4. 083 192 0172. info@bestlogs.ie. All in One Firewood Bundles. Everything you need for the perfect fire in one handy purchase. The Glasnevin Firewood Bundle. € 160. 2 x Barrow Bags of Kiln Dried Logs. 2 x Large Bags of Kiln Dried Kindling. 2 x Boxes of Eco Firelighters

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  1. Hardwood logs to be used for the remainder of a fire. The aim at the start of every fire is to get it going as quickly as possible . Using the wrong type and size of firewood at the start of a fire can hinder a fire from getting going well
  2. Initial Half Size Set Up: 4'x4'x16 of kiln dried wood stacked in a high quality rack. This equals slightly more wood than you'd get if you carried home 25 bundles of firewood from the store. The rack with cover (which retails for over $150) is included in the Initial Set Up price. $32
  3. A Friendly Alternative. Black Locust is a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to Pressure Treated and Tropical Hardwoods. A plentiful renewable resource that is well suited for all outdoor wood uses. Black Locust fence posts have been noted to last eighty years in some of America's toughest climates
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Fireplace Mantel, Wood Mantel, Floating Mantel, Modern Mantel, Modern Farmhouse, Custom Made Mantel, Floating Shelf NotableWoodDesign 5 out of 5 stars (1,031) $ 349.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites More colors Fireplace Mantel Multiple Grain Patterns and Option Reclaimed and Distressed and Contemporary Mantles. Our logs are 100% hardwood with a moisture content of less than 20%, ensuring maximum heat output with less smoke. Supplies are available in oak, ash, or mixed hardwood, with logs cut to a uniform size that will fit 99% of wood burning stoves Southampton Logs are an established family run business with over 47 years of experience. All year round We have been supplying kiln-dried sustainable hardwood to local residents and businesses, throughout Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth and the New Forest at the best possible value