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100 SOFT TONE 78rpm Steel Victrola NEEDLES for Old Shellac Phonograph Records. $4.99. Was: $5.25. $4.70 shipping Needles worked fine so far but it still seems they should damage a record but that is based on my experience with modern turntables. Old recordings were obviously made on durable material designed for the weight and size of the needle. The needles are being used on a 100 year old phonograph 1,000 Victrola Phonograph Needles for Old Antique Record Player & Gramophones - Choose your Tones PhonographNeedlesUS. From shop PhonographNeedlesUS. 5 out of 5 stars (3) 3 reviews $ 45.00. Favorite Add to Victor Needles Tin, Victrola Needles Tin ThriftWitchery. From shop ThriftWitchery. Steel needles should only be used for 1 to 2 plays and then discarded. They should never to be used for 3 or more plays. If you have needles that are scattered about the phonograph, it's best not to use them because they may severely damage your records very quickly. The first time the needle was used, the tip was ground down to the shape of the record groove

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Welcome to Sounds of Old. We specialize in products for the mechanical music collector. We sell reproduction steel phonograph needles, bamboo or fiber needles, original and reproduction phonograph parts, original records, vintage radios, player piano rolls and whatever else strikes our fancy Information about Victrola Needles. by Tim Gracyk. Steel needles were needed for nearly all disc machines made from 1900 to the 1930s! Above is a Victor machine circa 1910 with a steel needle inserted in a soundbox. The soundbox is the circular device at the end of the tonearm. I'll start with a joke

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  1. Switch out the Needles. Once you have purchased the correct needle, it is time to rid yourself of the worn one. Out with the Old. It follows that before you can put in a new needle, you need to take out the used one. In some models, the old needle will be housed in a removable headshell. This is the easiest kind of needle to replace
  2. Well, when I first put one of these on my Victrola Record Player, I got a lot of unwanted static sounds on a brand new, never before played record. At first I thought, Maybe I'll try one of the other needles, since they came 3 in a pack. So I tried one of the other 2, Same problem. So, I then put my old stock needle back on and the static was.
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  4. When the steel needle of a disc machine's sound box or the jewel stylus of a cylinder machine's reproducer glides over these undulations, the needle/stylus is vibrated. The needle/stylus is attached to a diaphragm - - much like the head of a drum. The diaphragm, now vibrating in sympathy with the needle/stylus, produces sound

For Victrola machines, needles should be stored in the little cups along the side of the motorboard (picture on right). Loud needles go in one cup, soft needles in the other and the center cup is where the used needles should be placed. When the center cup fills-up with used needles, you dump them in the trashcan Choose your Tones- 1,000 Victrola Phonograph Needles for Old Antique Record Player & Gramophones PhonographNeedlesUS 5 out of 5 stars (52) $ 45.00. Add to Favorites More colors Edison Phonograph Turntable Replacement Felt (11.5 Diameter) goldenstatephono 5 out of 5 stars (105.

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MAKING YOUR SOUNDBOX (NEEDLE-HEAD) PLAY PERFECTLY. If the needle-head on your Victrola or other 78 rpm talking machine has never been restored or adjusted, you are losing out on the quality of the music. Old, fossilized soundboxes are SHRILL, BLASTING, RATTLING or MUFFLED 100 LOUD Toned NEEDLES Victrola Gramophone Phonograph Reproducer Records. C $5.36. + C $4.18 shipping. + C $4.18 shipping + C $4.18 shipping. 33 sold. 33 sold 33 sold. Report item. - opens in a new window or tab. Description

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All reproduction reproducers are sold with a new permanent sapphire stylus. If you purchase an original, they have been rebuilt and a new needle has been installed (if needed). Part. Price. 2 min. Model B (reproduction) $165. 2 min. Model C (reproduction) $165. 2 min. Model C (original Your vinyl record player turntable & tape decks are begging for our 60k manuals, needles, belts, cartridges, vinyl cleaners, record selection, & 5-star phone/email/chat support Yes, you do need a different needle for those 78s. What is the inexpensive victrola model or model number? It's likely that you can get the needle for about $15, and it will replace the standard LP/45 needle that the player came with. JohnO, Jul 14, 2019 Victrola 3-pack turntable replacement needles for Various Victrola Record Players Models. These high quality ceramic needles will work with all vinyl record sizes (33-1/3, 45 or 78 RPM). Installation is simple and effortless


Phonograph collectors and enthusiasts, from all over the world, have been using my needles since 1991! Your needle resource since 1991! Perfect for your old Victrola or Gramophone style phonograph The key would have been sold with Victrola XI (11) and XIV (14) and Victor Schoolhouse in nickel. It will fit gold plated machines as well. The key measures about 2 1/16 inches in length. The handle is about 1 inch wide. The V for Victor cutout indicates that this is for a Victor Victrola machine April 1917., Ambassador — Ambassador Phonograph Co., Suite 300, 19 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Illinois. January 1920., Angelus — Angelus Phonograph Co., 1249. The Victrola will not operate at 33-1/3 RPM, and the weight of the stylus will crush the soft LP grooves. There are even compatibility problems between different types of '78s'. The 1940 and 1950 78 RPM records can also be damaged by the weight of the tonearm of an early Victrola Phonograph collectors and enthusiasts, from all over the world, have been using my needles since 1991! Perfect for your old Victrola or Gramophone style phonograph! If your needle is held in place by a small thumbscrew, these are perfect for playing your old 78 RPM records

Nice Victors can range in price from $500 up to well over $5000 depending on model and condition. There are rare Victor and Victrola phonographs that sell well into the tens of thousands of dollars, but these are few and far between, and require a.. 300 SOFT TONE VICTROLA NEEDLES - Phonograph, Gramophone, Victor 78 RPM Records. C $19.76. Free shipping. Seller 100% positive. 300 LOUD-MEDIUM-SOFT TONE MIX NEEDLES for Gramophone Victrola Phonograph Records. C $15.44. + C $4.25 shipping. Seller 99.8% positive

Phonographs Available for Sale. See All Phonographs. Shipping Address: Victrola Repair Service. 206 Cliff St. Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, checks, and money orders. . Rod Lauman and Ray Chase Perfect for your old Victrola or Gramophone style phonograph! The needles that I am selling are manufactured to the highest standards, specifically for Victrola, Gramophone & early-time hand-crank phonograph Records. Phonograph collectors and enthusiasts, from all over the world, have been using my needles since 1991 Buy: Banpa Record Player Stylus Needle for Crosley NP1 and NP6 $8.99. 8. Victrola ITNP-LC1 3-Pack Turntable Replacement Needles. Victrola is one of the most coveted record player brands out there.

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300 SOFT tone needles for old Gramophone PHONOGRAPHS & VICTROLAS Antique phonographs antique record player orthophonic orthophonics victor talking machine columbia sonora sonata zonophone hand-crank crank handcrank recordplayer record-player Perfect for your old Victrola or Gramophone style phonograph For your old 78rpm Victrola / Gramophone style phonograph! Victor Talking Machine, Victrola, Columbia & Grafonola, Silvertone, His Masters Voice (HMV), Vocalion, Brunswick. Phonograph collectors and enthusiasts, from all over the world, have been using my needles Victrola ITNP-LC1 3-Pack Turntable Replacement Needles Victrola is one of the most coveted record player brands out there, and you can finally buy a three-pack of their replacement needles on Amazon

antique phonograph refinishing and repair, Edison, Victrola, columbia, restoration, hardware and supplies, parts, how to advice needles, reproducers, turntables, motor parts 1-800-575-1960. Phonograph needles Victor Orthophonic Soundbox Repair Victor Orthophonic Tonearm support repair Phonograph Motor repai Victrola - Turntable Replacement Needles (3-Pack) - White. Model: ITNP-LC1. SKU: 6246007. User rating, 4.5 out of 5 stars with 8 reviews. 4.5 (8 Reviews) 1 Answered Question. Price Match Guarantee Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 300 SPEAR Needles VICTROLA Phonograph Record NEEDLE for Vintage Sound Box at the best online prices at eBay

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At this month's meeting of Massachusetts Old Colony Antique Phonograph Society (MOCAPS) a MAPS chapter, our theme was needles & styli and sound boxes and reproducers Where the Sound Begins. One of the highlights of member presentations was a talk given by long time phonograph collector/researcher Ron L'Herault A good record needle replacement for many record players, such as, Crosley, ION(NOT all models would fit for), Jensen, Victrola, 1byone, etc. The record player needle is by diamond stylus with needle forces. Plays 33 1/3, 45, 78PRM records player. Easy and quick Installation. No tools needed. Product Specification: Type: 3Pcs Record Player Needle

vaccinated with a Victrola needle old-fashioned Disposed to lengthy or endless chatter. A reference to the needle used on a Victrola, a brand of early record players, and the needle used to inoculate against infectious disease during vaccination. You'd think he was vaccinated with a Victrola needle from the way he yammers on like that. My mother says I. With Victrola, you can shop for turntables, jukeboxes, gramophones, stereos, old-fashioned radios, and even home furniture with built-in speakers and a sound system all equipped with today's hardware. Better yet, our products have Bluetooth capabilities, CD and cassette ports, USB plug-ins, and components that modernize an otherwise dated. Details about 1921 Victor Victrola 50 Solid Oak Portable Phonograph * Outstanding Condition Near Mint * Plays Great * Stunning 100-Year-Old Machine. 300 LOUD TONE VICTROLA NEEDLES for PHONOGRAPH Gramophone Victor Columbia Sonora. New New New. $15.81 Started in 1906, the 100 year old Victrola brand is known worldwide for its nostalgic design, distinctive craftsmanship and premium sound quality. All of our Victrola products share that same iconic look, but combine the latest in today's technology with options to play your music from decades ago

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.Reproduction Steel Phonograph Needles - Soft Tone For a softer sound to better hear the nuances of the recording. 100 needles per package New old stock. Should be unused. But anyone can take an old tin of needles and claim unused on them, it's hard to tell with the naked eye. A way to tell is, to get a magnifying glass and hold them up to a bright light while rotating them between your fingers, there shouldn't be any difference in the light reflection off the tip of the needle, if there is, it's probably been used You can easily access the links of Rca Victrola Needles - We are here to show you to related products of Rca Victrola Needles. Rca Victrola Needles Amazon Review & Ratings 2021.>

Post subject: WTB needle for RCA Victrola Model 55U. Posted: May Sat 18, 2013 7:53 pm . Member: Joined: Apr Tue 02, 2013 6:21 pm Posts: 385 Location: Michigan 48473 I am in search for a needle for the phonograph for this radio. Please pm me if you have one. Thank you. _____ Ro Original Linguaphone Phonograph Gramophone Metal Victrola Needles NEW Old Stock . ILS 65.62. ILS 39.39 shipping. ANTIQUE VICTROLA PHONOGRAPH RECORD CABIINET NEEDLE CUP HOLDER. ILS 39.39. ILS 112.03 shipping. Packet of 25 Mercury Victrola Phonograph Needles. ILS 32.79. ILS 51.63 shipping if you want to listen to the old records you might want extras. I would recommend this to a friend. Helpful (2) Unhelpful (0) Report. Comment. Boopdeedoo. Boopdeedoo. Verified Purchase. Rating 5 out of 5 stars with 1 review. Was able to pick up the replacement needles for my victrola. Price was very reasonable for a three pack

Prices vary, please call for pricing. 1-800-575-1960. We now have Edison, Victor, Columbia and many others Case and horn Decals. For the. finishing touch to your restoration work. Phonograph needles: Loud volume - $7.00. per 100. Soft volume - $7.00. per 100 I have an old ,RCA model vmt-64-f stereo console with a phonograph cartridge model 120695. The 3 tone arm wires are red, white and blackbut they are are not connected to the needle stylus. Using a met read mor Victrola ITNP-Y1 3 Pack Turntable Replacement Needles Victrola 3 pack turntable replacement needles for Model #s VSC-550, VSC-550BT, VSS-990BT, ITVS-550 & ITVS-550BT (All colors). These high quality ceramic needles will work with all vinyl record sizes (33 1/3, 45, or 78 RPM) and installation is simple and effortless Aug 26, 2015 - Explore Judy Miner's board VICTROLAS, followed by 189 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about phonograph, talking machines, record players

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Made specifically for Victrolas, Gramophones &. for your old Victrola / Gramophone style phonograph! 300 total PHONOGRAPH NEEDLES. NEW High Grade Steel Phonograph Needles. The thickness of the shaft is skinnier than the Loud Tone needles, but thicker than the Soft Toned needles Kotton Klenser is great for rejuvenating damaged, original varnished finish on wood cabinets. Kotton Klenser also cleans and restores. Follow up with Howard Feed-N-Wax. Price: $7.50 per 16 oz (regular strength for wood) Heavy Duty Kotton Klenser. This product is to restore the luster on your metals phonograph parts For your old Gramophone/ Victrola style phonograph! (See photos). such as : Victor Talking Machine, Victrola, Columbia & Grafonola. For phonographs 1890-1930s. Phonograph Needles. John Spearpoint Spears Speartip Spear Tip Needles

Phonograph needles: Loud volume - $7.00 per 100 Soft volume - $7.00 per 100: 78 RPM record sleeves, 10 and 12 The old broken pot metal post is completely machined off of the tone arm and a new post is Victrola lid decals, Back Bracket stripes, Horn Decals, Columbia Graphophone and Grafonola Decal 2010-05-02T03:28. They all play on a Victrola, but the later ones will get chewed up fairly fast. The rule of thumb is that any shellac 78 pressed before about 1932 or so is designed to handle being played on acoustic era phonographs in good repair (especially a properly adjusted/rebuilt soundbox). Generally, 78's pressed before 1932-1934 have. The reason there are different types of needles is because the length and thickness of the needle have a determination as to the sound that is reproduced by the reproducer.A short thick needle (Loud Tone) is best used on the early acoustically recorded Records. While a long thin needle (soft tone) is best used to play back the later 'electrically recorded discs Neat old victrola! Works great! lots of records and needles . You can buy more needles on Amazon if you would need to

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For your old Gramophone/ Victrola style phonograph! (See photos). For phonographs 1890-1930s. They can be used on your antique 1900's model phonographs. Phonograph Needles. These require a special stylus Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1,000 SPEARpoint NEEDLES for Columbia Victor Victrola Phonograph Gramophone at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products Victrola 6-in-1 Wood Empire Bluetooth Record Player with 3-Speed Turntable, CD, Cassette Player and Radio (Manufacturer Refurbished, Espresso) Victrola 3.7 out of 5 stars with 12 rating

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Record Players History. Humans have kept records of their experiences for hundreds of thousands of years, first with images and later with sound. In 1877, Thomas Edison became the first person to record and reproduce his voice. Edison's invention, which he named the phonograph, utilized the same principles as a modern record player by Victrola. $27.24. Victrola 3 pack turntable replacement needles for Victrola VTA-65, VTA-67, VTA-204B, VSC-580BT record players. These high quality ceraming needles will work with all vinyl record sizes (33 1/3, 45, or 78 RPM) and intallation is simple and effortless Shipping Address: Victrola Repair Service 206 Cliff St. Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819 We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, checks, and money orders VINTAGE CLAXTONOLA Phonograph PARTS. $27.99 USD. USA. Brass Phonograph Horn 37 inches X 18... $45.00 USD. Brass Phonograph Horn 37 inches X 18... $45.00 USD. USA On your Victrola you can see the different sized wells to place the Victrola needles. Most needles used were steel and to preserve the records should only be used once; subsequent use can tear up the record. You can still purchase steel needles for most models of cabinet phonographs. Your Victor Victrola is in wonderful cosmetic condition

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Victrola motors will tolerate an astonishing amount of old grease, but a good starting point for any repair is to clean the motor. It's perfectly acceptable, and sometime miraculous, to spray everything in the motor with a lethal dose of WD40. (If you have an early Columbia machine keep the WD40 off the fiber drive gear. Victrola 3 Pack Turntable Replacement Needles for Victrola Portable Suitcase. Victrola 3-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player with Built in Speakers and 3-Speed Turntable, Espresso. $0.00. Victrola 30 Watt Wooden Bluetooth Microsystem with CD, USB and Radio This is a 1949 Victor Victrola console radio phonograph model 8v90. It does power up. Turn table rotates. Needs a needle. Radio works but speaker needs attention. Perfect for a -old radio- buff who wants a project. Could also be reimagined as small wet bar or tv stand. Very versatile A Victrola isn't made for playing modern micro-groove records. Modern records are made of vinyl, which is softer than shellac, and the grooves are much smaller. Compared to a Victrola, a modern cartridge and needle are applying, typically, less.

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Of course it requires no power whatsoever other than being cranked up a few times to play an entire record or two. I have 50 or so old Victrola records (78 rpm). Lots of fun. Mine cost less than $200 a few years ago. Less expensive victrolas are out there. And the needles are still sold for these record players RL: The best sound is the Victrola Orthophonic, which was made from 1925 on. Also the Via-Tonal, and the Brunswick. They by far have the best sound, and the main reason is the horn. It was a folded horn that was very long, and heavily baffled. And the diaphragm of the reproducer was more sensitive. SM: What about the needles The needle is a crucial part of the cartridge in a record player and determines the quality of sound you end up hearing from your speakers. The needle is located at the end of the metal arm, called the tone arm. It is the only part of a turntable that makes direct contact with the vinyl record