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If i shoot tethered & vertically into Lightroom the image is displayed horizontally in Lightroom, i have to rotate image 90 degree anti clockwise manually. Is there anything I can do within lightroom so when I shoot vertically it shows virtically automatically? I've seen it done in Capture One - Import the C:\correct_rotation\ folder in Lightroom (which in my case will move the files, convert them to *.DNG files) : they all have the same orientation. Then I'm free to do whatever I need to do in Lightroom, and export everything as TIFF or JPG and use the result in Photoscan/Metashape This post is part of our Learning Lightroom series. If you find yourself needing to work through a large volume of images quickly, then you may wish to turn on the Auto Advance feature. What this does, is once you've added a star, label or flag to an image, Lightroom automatically advances to the next image in the folder Lightroom has a super quick way to switch between landscape and portrait orientations with the crop tool. Here's how to do it. Categories: Develop Module Tags: Lightroom 3, Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, Lightroom CC/6, Lightroom Classic CC Last updated about 1 year ago // Originally published about 3 years ag Rotation short keys If you imported your photos into Lightroom, and they're all off to the side, don't worry, it's an easy fix. Click on the image that needs a rotation, and simply press Ctrl + [ (Cmd + [ on Mac) to rotate left, or Ctrl + } to rotate to the right

About 10% of my files imported from my Sony A7RM2 do not auto rotate into position correctly. I shoot raw in the Sony. The files import into Lightroom 6.5.1 and display as skewed several degrees from straight up and down As you move and rotate your photo, Lightroom's grid of thirds and a finer grid will appear to help you fine-tune the alignment. Utilizing the Auto Straighten Function. A relatively new feature of Lightroom is the auto straighten function, which is located under the Crop tool option

You can rotate a photo in Lightroom by right-clicking on the image and selecting how you want to rotate. Depending on if you're in the Loupe or Grid view, this method changes slightly. - In Loupe View When in Loupe View, right-click on your photo and go to Transform > Rotate Left or Rotate Right With one 'Reset' image-. 1) Apply your Bob's Basic Preset that is giving the problem (the one used in the Import dialog), (it may rotate image, or not!) 2) [Double-Click] on 'Transform' (and 'Upright') in the Transform Panel to reset all sliders and settings in this panel, 3) [Right-Click] on the Preset in the Presets panel and 'Update with. I don't think you can. The auto rotate function is built into the camera. And I'm not aware of any such feature in Lightroom The Auto Import feature automatically imports photos into a Lightroom Classic catalog or a collection by monitoring a watched folder for photos and then importing them into a catalog. After you specify auto-import settings, you can simply drag photos into the watched folder, and Lightroom Classic imports them automatically, allowing you to bypass the import window

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For photos that need more work, turn to the Geometry controls in the Edit panel in Lightroom CC, or the Transform panel in Lightroom Classic. The heart of these tools is the Upright feature, which can automatically, or with manual assistance, adjust the image in more ways than just rotation Adobe Lightroom Classic is filled with tons of shortcuts and I have put together my 10 essential Lightroom keyboard shortcuts you need to know to drastically speed up your editing workflow. Please note: Command and Ctrl are the same. Command is for Mac and Ctrl is for PC. 1. Command/Ctrl + U = Auto Tone. Automatically helps you balance exposure

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The Auto Function. The Transform Tool comes with an automatic option. In this case, it's pretty simple. Push the Auto button and let Lightroom make all the adjustments to your image. For those who are unfamiliar with how to use the other features of the Transform Tool this may be the simplest option Adobe Lightroom Classic v9.2.1. how to auto rotate screen android Here's the quick guide to turn on auto rotate home screen on Samsung You can add emergency info on OnePlus 6 lock screen such as contact Tap the Screen rotation button on the quick settings panel.. Here you can turn on and turn off your Android's auto screen rotation.

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Hit the crop icon, and drag from outside the photo to rotate. Guidelines will appear and you can use these to straighten by eye. Alternatively, hit the Auto button in the center of the Straighten slider. Lightroom will use its AI judgment to find the perfect angle to straighten the horizon. If you have taken a lot of photos on the. In the Lightroom Library module you can use the options Rotate Left (CCW) or Rotate Right (CW) or rotate a photo. If you use the grid view you can rotate multiple photos at once. If I don't close Lightroom I can use the Undo command to revert back to the original orientation of the photo. But what if Lightroom has been closed 2) Correcting Keystoning in Lightroom - Vertical, Full and Auto Modes You probably noticed the other three modes in the Upright Perspective Correction tool: Vertical, Full and Auto. As we saw above, Level corrects horizontal details in a photo but does not make corrections to elements that should be vertical

In Lightroom Classic it's pretty easy to correct the converging verticals, or pretty much any straight lines, in photos. to choose from including Auto, Guided, Level, Vertical, and Full (as. Drag the button named Drag to Lightroom into the Lightroom Library. This will invoke the Lightroom importer. Here is a video tutorial on how the drag/drop works. Make sure that Add is selected at the top (not copy!!) to add the images to the Library. If you imported with Lightroom (the sequence has already been added to the Lightroom Catalog) If i turn my auto rotate back on in the camera and set the monitor to auto rotate i should be good. I still would like to see customizable import actions though. 5DmkII, 5DmkIII, 5DS R, 15mm, 16-35 f/2.8 II L , 100 Macro f/2.8 L , 70-200 f/2.8 L IS, 85 f/1.8, 580EX II, 580EX, 550E

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  1. You can cut down on some of that time by using the Caps Lock Auto Advance. Within the Library Module, turn on the Caps Lock key (or go to Photo -> Auto Advance). After rating a photo, rather than using the arrow key to advance to the next photo, Lightroom will automatically do it for you. This trick works for stars, flags, and color labels
  2. 6 Tips for Using Lightroom's Graduated Filter. 1. Graduated Filter Shortcut. The keyboard shortcut for getting to the graduated filter is M. Tapping the M key will open up the graduated filter dialog box. It looks similar to the basic panel (with lots of sliders - many having the same names), so don't let that confuse you
  3. If the photos you import are taken using a digital camera that embeds camera orientation metadata (portrait or landscape), then Lightroom automatically rotates the image thumbnails in the Library Content area accordingly. If not, then you can click the Rotate buttons or apply the Rotate Left (CCW) or Rotate Right (CW) commands
  4. g and scrolling can now be set to work the same way they do in LR. To use this, go into the settings and check Use Lightroom style zoom and pan. Single panel mode mimics Solo mode in LR and is the default. You may <ctrl/cmd.

20 Tips for Cropping in Lightroom Classic. Below are twenty tips to increase your productivity when cropping and straightening images in Lightroom Classic. 1) Tap the R key to select the Crop tool. Note: this shortcut works in any module. 2) When you first select the Crop tool, click and drag in the image area to set the crop In Lightroom 5, you can also show a grid on your image while you're not working with the crop tool, too. The difference between doing it this way compared to using the crop tool is that the crop tool will automatically adjust the crop of the image to compensate for the rotation, where using the Rotate slider will not and you will see. As I was working on the Composition in Photography: Assignment Discussion article and upcoming Lightroom Crop Tool article last night, I came across a feature in Lightroom that I had not previously used. I love it when that happens. Realizing that the software tool I enjoy using and find to be very versatile is actually even more functional than I thought, is pure joy

Step 2. Select all the images in Grid view in the Library module in Lightroom. Open the Quick Develop panel on the right and, from the Crop Ratio dropdown list, select the crop ratio that you want to crop to. For example you can crop to fixed ratios such as 1 by 1 or printing sizes such as 5×7, 4×6 and so on Auto Tone - Ctrl + U. If you want Lightroom to have a crack at balancing your exposure this is the tool for you. With the click of two keys on your keyboard the Exposure, Contrast, Highlights. From the menu you can use Photo >> Rotate Left (CCW) or Rotate Right (CW) to easily rotate the image by ninety degrees in the selected direction. Again, no matter what you do in terms of cropping or rotating your images in Lightroom, the underlying image data remains unchanged so feel free to experiment. Update 6/27/2011 - Wow

When the installer is finished you should be able to right-click any folder or a photo file with .jpg or .jpeg extension. For folders, you should see the menu items Auto-rotate all JPEGs in folder and Auto-rotate all JPEGs in folder and in all subfolders. For JPEG files, you should see the menu item Auto-rotate How to Rotate or Flip an Image in Lightroom. Before applying adjustments that change the atmosphere and colours of the image, you should try rotating, flipping or straightening the photo. This way, you might get a new perspective and decide what fits the photo the best. Lightroom has an 'Auto' button in the Basic panel in the Develop. Adobe Lightroom provides you with the tools to organize, edit, store, and share those photos. So when you're ready to clean out your camera next time, Adobe Lightroom can streamline the process. To help you sort your photo collection faster, we've collected the best Lightroom shortcuts SET AUTO ADVANCE. If you're not using Auto Advance in Lightroom, you really should be. You can turn it on in Fast Raw Viewer too. In the panels on the right side of your screen, scroll down to the XMP Metadata panel and click on the gear icon and set it to Rating or Label is set Lightroom will calculate how far off from level the horizon is, and rotate the image the proper amount to fix it. The Straighten Tool. Drawing Along the Horizon with the Straighten Tool. When you are satisfied, hit Enter/Return or click again on the crop overlay tool symbol to exit crop mode

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Straighten a Photo in Lightroom Classic CC: Instructions. To straighten a photo in Lightroom Classic CC, select the photo in the Develop module. Then select the Crop Overlay tool in the tool strip to show the tool drawer. To rotate the photo up to 45 degrees in either direction, click and drag the Angle slider in the tool drawer Setting Rotation of Photos. The Set Rotation command sets the absolute rotation of many photos at once (a function inexplicably absent from Lightroom): . Keyboard Shortcuts. To assign a keyboard shortcut to a preset, edit the preset and in the Menu shortcut dropdown at the bottom of the Edit window, select one of the menu commands Preset 1 through Preset 5 In terms of selecting particular objects and not accidentally adjusting surrounding areas, auto masks are the perfect tool. The way auto mask samples color and exposure is from the center of your adjustment brush. As you paint on a new selection area, Lightroom continuously samples the brush's center area to decide where the mask will be applied Finally, Adobe has added several lens and camera profiles to Lightroom classic. The Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+, as well as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Sony 35mm f/1.4 G-Master, the Sony Alpha 1, the.

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To create the animation, I'll move the playhead to the right to the position on the timeline in which I wish the animation to begin. Then, I'll click the small icon next to the Transform option. This will create a keyframe on the timeline. See also Exploring the Video Timeline Panel in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom automatically recognized my camera lens. Photographers with a perpetual Lightroom license do not have the Boundary Warp feature yet, as it was released to Creative Cloud subscribers first Admin Tuesday, July 6th, 2021 Adobe Lightroom - Photo Editor & Pro Camera is the most famous version in the Adobe Lightroom - Photo Editor & Pro Camera series of publisher Adobe. Download APK Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, powerful photo editor and camera app that empowers your photography, helping you capture and edit stunning images

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Lightroom offers slightly more ways to do the job. You can rotate, crop, and even see the angle at which you are rotating the image. Lightroom also offers several aspect ratios to choose from noahrsd: does anyone know how to have photos auto rotated into the right orientation when they are imported? i have tried selecting the auto rotation icon in camera and tried both the combinations and using EOS utility but it doesnt seem to work money's no option either so any software/tips/ideas would be greatly appreciated thank

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, powerful photo editor and camera app that empowers your photography, helping you capture and edit stunning images. Easy image editing tools like sliders and filters for pictures simplify photo editing. Retouch full-resolution photos, apply photo filters, or start photo editing wherever you are The Lightroom image editor is the best cloud-based service for photography lovers. Retouch full-resolution shots and have originals and edits backed up to the cloud, ready to access anywhere. Searchable keywords are automatically applied to sort photos without tagging Head to Export. In Lightroom Classic, prep your photograph before heading to the export options to save your image. First up, select the photo you want to add your signature or logo to, then go to. Once Lightroom imports your photos, you can browse them in the Library module and select which ones you'd like to edit. When you have selected a photo to edit, you can press the D key to open it in the Develop module. In this module, you will need to have the panel on the right of your screen open

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  1. Learn how to crop, rotate and straighten your photos. Learn how to: Crop your photos and use modifier and shortcut keys. Straighten horizons. Crop to different aspect ratios. YouTube. Capture One Pro. 80.8K subscribers. Subscribe
  2. Adobe Lightroom is an easy to use digital photo organizer, and photo editor, developed and distributed by the famous software company Adobe Inc. Many photo editors consider it a subset of Photoshop, which is used for photo editing. The specialty of Lightroom over Photoshop is, it can edit, organize, store, and share an extensive collection of.
  3. It needs to be straightened. Step 1: Select the crop tool and a new tool bar will appear at the top of the work area. Step 1. Step 2: Click on the spirit level icon and your cursor will change to a small cross hair. Step 2. Step 3: Click on one edge of the line you believe should be level with the left mouse button
  4. Open Lightroom, create a new album, and tap Add Photos in that album - select From Files. Select the app that you use to interact with your wireless hard drive (GNARBOX or My Cloud for WD Passport). Navigate to the folder containing the photos you want to import and select the photos. Tap Open/Done
  5. In Lightroom Classic Right click on the photo and choose Edit>Open as Smart Object In Photoshop. You will see the Photo opens in Photoshop. Look at the layer thumbnail. The badge in the lower right indicates this is a Smart Object. Double Click the thumbnail to Open the Raw file in Camera Raw
  6. With Adobe Lightroom, photographers only need a computer with an internet connection to get great editing results. Lightroom App Auto Saving Feature. While the automatic saving feature of Adobe Lightroom BETA is an advantage for most Lightroom photographers, some may find it tedious to save their images each time they modify one manually

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  1. (I am using lightroom 3) Apple fanboy macrumors Westmere. Feb 21, 2012 44,573 36,571 Behind the Lens, UK. Aug 19, 2014 #2 Click to expand... Select all the photos you need to rotate (command and mouse click on each image). Then select rotate from the menu. There might be a quicker way, but that would work. W. whitedragon101 macrumors 65816
  2. Photography-on-the.net Digital Photography Forums is the website for photographers and all who love great photos, camera and post processing techniques, gear talk, discussion and sharing. Professionals, hobbyists, newbies and those who don't even own a camera -- all are welcome regardless of skill, favourite brand, gear, gender or age
  3. More Detail: In most cases, of course, you aren't likely to need to rotate your photos in 90-degree increments, because your camera will have set a rotation flag automatically for your photos. But in some cases you may find that the rotation wasn't applied correctly, or that you want to alter the rotation for an abstract photo
  4. Note that, in general, most image editors (such as Photoshop, Lightroom and many others) do not rotate images losslessly. This is made obvious by the fact that the Save function provides compression quality options (eg. 1-12, High, Low, etc.) and is therefore applying [lossy] JPEG recompression to your image content. Auto-Rotation Utilitie
  5. Lightroom Killer Tips is from Scott Kelby, author, photographer, and CEO of KelbyOne—an online training and education firm dedicated to teaching Lightroom, Photoshop, and photography. Articles appearing on this blog may also come from Rob Sylvan —photographer, educator, and KelbyOne's Lightroom Help Desk Support Representative
  6. Rotate to Fit is probably one of the things I like best about the Lightroom Print module, because you can rotate images and not have to worry about the landscape and portrait mode. Figure 4.49 shows the result of selecting the template with the Zoom to Fill option unchecked

Digital cameras didn't bother rotating images automatically. So, even if you used a camera and held it vertically to take a photo in portrait mode, that photo would be saved sideways, in landscape mode. You could then use an image editor program to rotate the image to appear in its correct portrait orientation I'm pleased to announce pattern rotation, automatic font activation, updates to Select Subject, Match Font, and more in Photoshop v21.2! Rotate Pattern Fills. You can now rotate Pattern Fills in Photoshop using the new Angle control. Rotations are nondestructive and can be easily updated or reset at any time without any loss of quality Navigate to Edit > Catalog Settings in the menu. Check the Automatically write changes to XMP box in the catalog settings so you don't lose your edits in case of a corrupt catalog. Now tick the box that says Automatically write changes into XMP in the metadata tab, click ok and you're done! All your edits will immediately be.

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To turn off auto-rotation using the Settings app, use these steps: Open Settings. Click on Display. Under the Scale and layout section, turn off the Rotation lock toggle switch. If you don't see. Once you've got your photos in your Lightroom Library, on the top right, head to Develop. This is where the fun begins! If you're having a hard time with auto or manually tinkering with the rotation, you can use the angle tool to trace whatever you want to use as the 'horizon' line Alternatively, use Auto-Sync to apply the changes across multiple images as you make them: Select the relevant images first, then click the little switch next to Sync to turn it into Auto Sync. 3. On Windows choose the Settings option in the File menu. Press the button Run Plug-in Installer. PortraitPro will detect what version of Photoshop you have installed, and automatically find the Plug-Ins folder for you. However, if the correct place is not detected you can manually browse to the Plug-Ins folder of the Photoshop you want to use

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  1. Lightroom Perspective Fixing #3 - Go ahead and drag a few points that you want to be perfectly level in your image for Lightroom to use as a reference. As you add points of reference, Lightroom will fine tune its adjustments! From there Lightroom does the rest of the heavy lifting
  2. 6. Auto-straighten. The Auto button in the Crop tool panel can be used to straighten a photo automatically, as long as Lightroom is able to detect a horizontal line in the image to work with. It works like the 'Level' button in the Transform Panel - where there are other powerful perspective controls
  3. Here's how to start the stitching process from source images in Lightroom on Mac or Windows devices: Select the images to combine into the panorama. Navigate to Photo › Photo Merge › Panorama Merge. In the dialog box, optionally drag the Boundary Warp slider to distort the image enough to remove empty areas outside the images, or click.
  4. Lens selection is key. For introductory astrophotography, get a wide-angle lens with a short focal length.The ability of these lenses to open their apertures wide and capture as much light as possible will help get quality images. Additionally, if you're trying to capture longer exposures, an equatorial mount will be indispensable.These mounts compensate for the rotation of the Earth, which.
  5. Lightroom settings. Make sure the setting Automatically write changes into XMP is enabled. This creates xmp sidecar files when metadata is saved in Lightroom. Open Lightroom settings via: Edit ️ Catalog Settings Image 1: My Adobe Lightroom catalog settings. Make sure the color labels are to have their default values
  6. Lightroom has a Make a Second Copy To option which means that you can automatically create a copy of your images — to an external hard drive, ideally. Creating a backup at this stage is a good habit to get into, and it also means that the duplicate files you're creating will have the same names and keywords (see below) as the files.

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  1. Auto Settings. When the Auto Settings option is on, Lightroom applies an automatic tonal correction to the merged panorama. Don't confuse this with the exposure blending of the image frames; Lightroom always applies automatic exposure blending. The Auto Settings is like clicking the Auto option in the Basic panel
  2. Step 1. First, a little setup: We're going to use U.S. letter paper size, but go ahead and click a wide photo in the filmstrip. Make sure that the Auto-Rotate to Fit checkbox is turned off; then grab the bottom cell margin and drag upward as shown in Figure 1 to move the photo higher up on the frame. Figure 1
  3. On your question, when you export your book to PDF (or upload, which also creates a PDF), Lightroom will automatically convert the photos to JPEGs for embedding in the PDF. Therefore, you should not convert ahead of time — just use your originals in your book (the raw files, or TIFF or PSD if you have gone to Photoshop or another external.
  4. Lightroom is still seeing these photos because you moved them within Lightroom. Once again, I'll emphasize, do not try to move these outside of Lightroom. If you try to move these outside of Lightroom, they'll not be erased but you're not going to be able to find them. (You can relink them by clicking on the little question mark, but that.
  5. Lightroom Mod Apk Latest Version:- Edit your photos like a pro!Lightroom is the most trending and professional photo editor application developed by Adobe. Now a day, Photo editing becomes one of the most necessary things and Here, you can download Lightroom Mod Apk fully premium unlocked
  6. Versions is a new feature added to the Lightroom cloud ecosystem. If you are familiar with Snapshots in Lightroom Classic you'll find the concept is the same. We now have the ability to preserve different editing states, i.e. versions, within each of the Lightroom cloud apps. Here's how it works. I'll start on Lightroom for desktop, and apply edits to a photo to create a lush saturated.
  7. Step 1. Open the Lightroom Edit Watermarks Dialog Box. If you want to add watermark in Lightroom when working on a desktop computer, you should go to the Edit Menu and click on Edit Watermarks. In case you work on a Mac, choose Edit Watermarks in the Lr Menu. You will see a new dialog box looking like this

The Lens Correction tool is found near the bottom of the Develop Module. 2. Profile. Enabling the profile tab allows us to select the camera and lens combination that is used in the Basic tab. Choosing Auto from the Setup drop down will select the camera lens based on the EXIF data but you can also manually select this information We can configure software like Apple's TimeMachine (Mac), Carbon Copy Cloner (Mac), or GoodSync Personal v.10 (PC) to automatically copy everything from your primary disk to one of your backup drives while you are sleeping. As long as you rotate between the two backup disks on a regular basis then you have a robust, redundant backup system I have just downloaded Lightroom apk for my S20 phone, for color correction images I can use the presets shared on social networks, the editing features are in this app I also don't know how to use, how to rotate image in lightroom? Please help me. Tags: how to rotate image in lightroom. Lightroom App How to Use Content-Aware Crop to Rotate. If your photo isn't perfectly straight, you can use the Content-Aware Crop tool to straighten your image, and it will automatically fill in missing area around the corners. First, click on the Crop Tool and be sure to check Content Aware on the top toolbar

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When editing images in Adobe Lightroom, the last thing you want to happen is to get bogged down by repetitive tasks. If you've been using Lightroom for any amount of time, you surely know how cumbersome things can get by repeating the same slider movements over and over again when editing multiple images Lightroom Classic is the full-fledged desktop application, complete with image editing, the catalogue and so on. complete with the ability to rotate the source of your cloning as you brush.

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Choose Auto to have Lightroom take care of all the settings for you; however, if you want to be able to change elements like the shutter speed, ISO, or exposure, you should select Professional. If you choose Professional, tap on an element (like ISO) to change it, then slide your finger left and right to decrease or increase the levels 1 Lightroom Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind. 1.1 1) Change The Mask Colours. 1.2 2) Highlight And Shadow Clipping Shortcut. 1.3 3) Match Total Exposures. 1.4 4) Solo Mode. 1.5 5) Visualize Spots. 1.6 6) Change Crop Overlay. 1.7 7) Preview Clipping When Adjusting Exposure. 1.8 8) Auto Mask Shortcut Feature focus control buttons will also appear in the tether bar when enabled by the camera and lens settings, including Auto-Focus. Support for Z-series camera coming soon. New profile for Apple ProRaw images. New in Lightroom desktop and mobile: Lightroom desktop and mobile now provide a new profile to support Apple ProRaw images Adobe today announced the release of major updates across its Creative Cloud software suite. Most notably, its Illustrator, InDesign, and Lightroom Classic apps now run natively on Macs with the.

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Lightroom Classic is an extremely popular photo management, enhancement, and publishing program that is fully integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud. In this course, photographer and instructor. I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and it respects the auto rotate. When I take an up and down photo in my camera it rotates it, and when I upload it lightroom respects it's orientation. Perhaps you just need to invest in some other software if it's a big deal to you Adobe targets photography enthusiasts with this newer version of its Lightroom professional photo workflow program. Slick and nimble, it now boasts most of Lightroom Classic's photo-editing tools. This morning, Adobe released updates to both Lightroom and Lightroom Classic, featuring performance updates, workflow enhancements, support for new cameras and more. Here's what's new. Lightroom Classic Performance updates macOS users can now navigate through stretches of images in the filmstrip view faster and smoother than before. This includes the Library Loupe, Develop and Compare [

The Auto Import feature automatically imports photos into the Lightroom TTG Pages 3 - Powerful Plugin For Adobe Lightroom XtremeCamera.com is a service for honest critiques for the aspiring photographer Activates auto next image when rating, flagging & labelling: Caps Lock button: Toggle On/Off Solo Mode: Alt+click side panel name: Open/close all panels: Ctrl+click side panel name: Open/close additional panels: Shift+click: Bypass Copy Settings dialog: Alt+click Copy button: Toggle Auto Sync On/Off: Ctrl+click Sync button: Increase/decrease. Shortcut Pages for Photoshop Lightroom on ShortcutWorld.com. Increase productivity by working efficiently. Work efficiently by using Shortcut

Rotate and crop accordingly. Make sure to keep composition in mind , as cropping an image too little or too much can leave it worse. Our best Lightroom tip would be never to be scared of cropping Google Photos is more than a place to auto-upload and back up your photos. Besides all the handy storage and search functions the app offers, it's also great at editing. Lightroom via David.

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Lightroom is the best-in-class app for modern photography organization. So if you take lots of photos, want multiple options for how to manage them, need intuitive editing tools, and the safety of cloud storage, then you shouldn't look much further. There is extra incentive if you're already on the Adobe cloud and use Photoshop Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, powerful photo editor and camera app that empowers your photography, helping you capture and edit stunning images. Easy image editing tools like sliders and filters for pictures simplify photo editing. Retouch full-resolution photos, apply photo filters, or start photo editing wherever you are. Transform raw.

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