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  3. 28 product ratings. - 300 FPS CYMA AIRSOFT M1911 METAL ELECTRIC AEG AIRSOFT PISTOL Gun w/ 6mm BB BBs. $82.95. Top Rated Plus. Sellers with highest buyer ratings. Returns, money back. Ships in a business day with tracking
  4. Up for auction is a used Cyma cm030 6mm Electric Airsoft Pistol with several accessories. Included in this auction is: Cyma cm030 Electric Airsoft Pistol(Semi/Full Auto AEP 300 fps Metal Gear Box/Battery Included) Two Standard 30 round magazines- Six Extended 100 round magazines- Two Extension Scope Mount Rails(One attached to pistol
  5. For beginning airsoft enthusiasts to recreational players, 200-300 FPS airsoft guns feature a little bit more power and realism while remaining inexpensive.Many guns in this category will not cost over $100 featuring partially metal gear boxes or plastic gear boxes

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Usually classic army gun likes to shoot with 300-350 fps. It's enough to leave small welt for a few days and it needs enough velocity with range. Here are different sorts of fps and their pain scale. 100-200 fps. If you get hit by bullets from 100-200 fps gun, you may feel that someone poked you maybe. 200-250 fps Q: How fast do electric guns shoot? A: This depends on the gun - velocity measurements on an airsoft gun are performed with a .20g BB. Don't be fooled by velocities measured by lighter weight BBs. Most of the rifles shoot between 350 - 400 fps out of the box. These velocities have become standard limitations at many fields HFC Mini MP5 AEG Automatic SMG Electric Airsoft Pistol - HB-102 - 3.9 out of 5 stars 177. 7 BBTac Airsoft Pistol 1911 G6 Airsoft Gun Spring Powered 300 FPS, Metal Alloy Construction 3.8 out of 5 stars 418. 6 offers from $27.98 #28. Colt M45 CQBP Blowback .177 BB Gun Air Pistol 4.4 out of 5 stars 345

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  1. 300 FPS CYMA M4 CQB RIS CM206 LPEG AEG Polymer Airsoft Rifle - BLACK. The NEW CYMA M4 CQB RIS LPEG (Low Power Electric Gun) is perfect for players on a budget, who want the advantages of a full auto AEG without breaking the bank
  2. At Airsoft Station we have a large selection of electric airsoft rifles (AEGs) from high-quality brands including KWA, Classic Army, CYMA, G&G, Echo 1, Krytac, ARES, ICS, JG, and many more. All of our electric airsoft weapons are modeled after popular guns such as the M16, M4, G36, MP5, P90, and AK47, just to name a few.They can all fire in full auto mode and will continue to shoot out BBs the.
  3. Tokyo Marui is a highly-regarded manufacturer of gas powered, blow-back airsoft pistols. Accordingly, the Hi-Capa 5.1 is one of the most popular airsoft pistols currently available. Performance is quite good - the Hi-Capa shoots at 280-300 FPS
  4. Electric powered airsoft guns are the most typical and popular type of airsoft guns and generally fire at a velocity between 300 to 400 FPS. Most Effective Electric Airsoft Guns for Sale Wholesale Blades stocks one of the best variety of electric airsoft guns available at the most affordable rates
  5. Electric airsoft guns, also known as AEGs, are the most common type of airsoft rifle. Airsoft electric guns are battery powered and can usually be fired in semi-automatic or full auto mode. In most cases, AEGs will come with a rechargeable battery and a battery charger, and our high-end airsoft electric guns come with lipo batteries for the.
  6. WellFire Micro UZI Machine Pistol Automatic Electric AEG Airsoft Gun SKU: D93. $23.95 Qty . Add to Cart. Map Protected Price is map protected. DE M4 RIS TacSpec Electric AEG Rifle w/ Flashlight and Red Dot Scope Lancer Tactical MK 18 MOD 0 G2 Low FPS AEG Airsoft Rifle - DARK EARTH SKU: LT-02TL-G2. $153.00 Qty . Add to Cart. Map Protected.
  7. M249 Para airsoft LMG (light machine gun) AEG (Auto Electric Gun) full metal, an authentic replica of the Belgian firearm M249 Paratrooper (also called Para) originally made by FN Herstal and licensed by Cybergun

Airsoft Electric Rifles. Airsoft electric rifles, better known as AEGs (Airsoft electric guns), are perfect when just starting out. With surprising range, rate of fire and the ability to shine in a variety of roles, these rifles are the gold standard for quality Airsoft weaponry. Electric Airsoft gun options are an excellent beginner's choice The Winner is: Well, after firing tons of pistols and going out to multiple airsoft games to stress test them, we really think the best airsoft pistol is the KWA M9. The rugged construction really sets this gun apart from even the other choices on this list - the moment you pick this GBB pistol up it FEELS right

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Choosing the Best Electric Airsoft Rifle To Buy. Here are crucial factors that one ought to keep in mind when they are looking for the right electric airsoft rifle to get. Quality. When it comes to airsoft rifles, quality simply means sturdiness and durability. Most of the airsoft guns and rifles in the market are made of plastic body Airsoft pistols are capable of hitting targets at a decent distance away. We think 40 - 60 feet is a reasonable estimation of effective range - although the BB can technically fly as far as 150 feet. Effective distance is going to vary heavily on the quality of the airsoft pistol as well as the training of the user Is gas or electric airsoft guns better? From a long-range accuracy point of view, AEGs (electric airsoft guns) are superior to gas-powered guns. While gas-powered rifles and pistols can be more powerful than AEGs, they still have to deal with temperature issues and sensitivity to outdoor conditions (temperature and humidity)

This FN scar-L spring powered airsoft. This airsoft gun shoots 6-millimeter ammo in a single shot which is very powerful. It comes with 100 starter BBs. Made with high strength ABS polymer for a realistic feel. It is a High-performance heavyweight spring rifle that allows increased feet per second (fps) firing Cons. Cons. The entire body of the HK Heckler & Koch HK416 AEG 6mm BB Rifle Airsoft Gun is made of plastic. The reality is that you can most definitely play airsoft on a budget. For under a hundred bucks, you can get a high quality airsoft rifle that will allow you to compete on an equal footing with your opposition on the battlefield Read Customer Reviews & Find Best Sellers. Free 2-Day Shipping w/Amazon Prime COOL AIRSOFT GUNS - ELECTRIC AIRSOFT GUNS 300 FPS - WE HI CAPA 5.1 METAL GAS AIRSOFT GUN Cool Airsoft Guns airsoft guns Airsoft guns are replica firearms that propel plastic pellets by way of compressed gas or a spring-driven piston. cool neither warm nor very cold; giving relief from heat; a cool autumn day

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Electric Airsoft Guns . Electric airsoft guns or AEGs are the most common and available type of airsoft gun one can get. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and can shoot semi or full auto. It normally has a BB muzzle velocity of 300 to 400 FPS (Feet Per Second) using .20g BBs The single-action, spring-loaded airsoft gun has a velocity of up to 300 feet... Expertly crafted utilizing advanced technologies Unwavering commitment to excellence. $20.70 - $23.65. Crosman® GFAP13 Electric Black Metal/Synthetic Airsoft Pistol (GFAP13) 0. # mpn4577065224 Home » Airsoft Guns » Airsoft Electric Rifles Matrix Sportsline M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ G3 Micro-Switch Gearbox (Model: Black M4A1 / 300 FPS) ID: 95522 (AEG-ST-AEG-259E-300-BK If you want to head up to the very top of the spectrum, however, you will not be disappointed when you use our air pistol, or electric airsoft pistol. Here at Pyramyd Air, we offer serious gas-powered pistols with adjustable trigger pulls and velocities that can exceed 400 fps Electric airsoft pistols work with batteries that can become discharged. They should also be serviced regularly, as the internal components wear out. The advantage of such type is a wide range of tuning possibilities. At the beginning, a most unattended pistol is a good choice, i.e. a spring-loaded and an electric pistol will do well

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A 1:1 replica of the CM125 pistol, the CYMA CM125 USP electric pistol is a must-have for those who hate carrying CO2 cartridges or gas tanks to keep the BB gun operational. The electric BB gun is compact and has a rubberised handle, which gives you a steady grip, making it ideal for target shooting. FPS: 300. £89.99 Regular price $69.99. Elite Force GLOCK Gen5 G19X GBB (VFC) TAN Airsoft GBB Gas Powered Blowback Pistol. Regular price $199.99. ASG Franchi SAS 12 Pump Action Tactical Airsoft Gun Tri-Shot Spring Powered Shotgun. Regular price $79.99. Lancer Tactical LT-12 Picatinny M4 Automatic Electric Airsoft Rifle

The most common form of automatic airsoft gun is the Automatic Electric Airsoft Gun (AEG). The automatic electric airsoft gun is battery powered and can often be fired in semi-auto, or full-auto firing modes, with different electric airsoft guns. We strongly suggest that you choose your airsoft gun from our selection Airsoft Guns for sale at wholesale prices. Buy electric airsoft guns, gas airsoft pistols and rifles in bulk at the cheapest rates. Avail extra 20% OFF with already 90% less prices Home / Airsoft Guns / Electric Rifles. Show: Sort By: Valken ASL MOD-M M4 Electric Rifle with Battery and Charger $174.99 Add to cart. G&G ARP9 Super Ranger CQB AEG $270.72 Out of Stock. VFC Avalon M4 Samurai Edge with Gen2 ECS Avalon Gearbox Black $549.95 Add to cart. G&G CM16 Raider-L.

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You can lower the FPS on your AEG by replacing the spring with a softer type of spring. Generally, airsoft guns will fire between 10 and 13 FPS less for every 5-spring strength lost. So, if your gun is currently shooting around 300 FPS and you drop 10 strength from the spring, it will shoot somewhere between 274 and 280 FPS Airsoft Guns. Badlands features a wide variety of Airsoft guns, and we are continuously expanding our offering of high quality airsoft pistols and airsoft rifles so that you have a great selection to choose from. Unlike most airsoft suppliers in Canada, Badlands has deep stock levels on the airsoft guns that we carry Elite Force H&K G36C Elite EBB Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ MOSFET - BLACK. $230.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. |. Add to Compare. Items 1 to 12 of 39 total. Show. 12 24 36 48 60 All Looking for a cool airsoft arena near you to play airsoft games? Or maybe you are in need for some awesome airsoft gear. We got you covered! Now you can search airsoft fields near you as well as airsoft supply stores near you through our airsoft vendor directory Airsoft submachine guns (airsoft SMGs) use small, lightweight plastic or biodegradable pellets called airsoft BBs to great effect. Law enforcement and the military use airsoft replica weapons for training because of their realistic function, vastly increased safety, and the cost savings of much cheaper airsoft ammo

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Another simple way to upgrade FPS on your Airsoft gun is to replace the inner barrel. Since the factory default for Airsoft guns is typically a 6.10mm barrel, you can upgrade your weapon's FPS by replacing it with a narrower 6.03 or 6.01 mm tight bore. Upgrading to a tight bore barrel means fitting a new hop up nub and bucking set, but. This!page is the!top?leading*keywordWon : Cyma CM030 w Red Laser Electric Auto Semi Auto AEP Metal Gear Airsoft Gun 300 FPS CYMA has made a great Airsoft Electric Pistol replica of the Tokoyo Marui AEP. Its solid design, realistic styling, and incredible accuracy make this a sought after airsoft sidearm or primary CQB weapon. This is not a. The electrically-powered airsoft pistol . seen as the cream of the crop. They can typically shoot at speeds of 500 FPS. On the other hand, electric pistols are easy to maintain and durable. The batteries are easily rechargeable - thereby helping you to save money in the process. These pistols will perform well in all temperature conditions

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Score. Walther PPQ Spring Powered 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Dark Earth Brown. Buy Now. 9.7. Firepower .45 Metal Slide Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol with Hop-Up, 325 FPS. Buy Now. 9.4. BBTac BT-1911A1 Metal and ABS Spring Airsoft Pistol 250-FPS Airsoft Gun. Buy Now KWC COLT 1911. DOUBLE EAGLE M900E AK-47. Best Guns Under $50. M82 ELECTRIC AIRSOFT SIG 552. Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer. FIREPOWER F4-D M4. Beretta 92 FS. Best Cheap Airsoft Gun Overall - Affordable And Entertaining. When it comes to shopping for airsoft guns, the first thing that you need to consider is your budget

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  1. Top 10 Best Airsoft Pistols On AmazonAre you looking for the best airsoft pistols of 2020? These are some of the best airsoft pistols we found so far: 1. Eli..
  2. WellFire WF-D93 Micro UZI Machine Pistol Automatic Electric AEG Airsoft Gun Lightly Used. Excellent Condition Includes Battery. Wall Charger, Box According to where we bought it. These are the specs: Electric Automatic Firing Mode- Plastic Build- 100 Round Capacity- Includes Safety- Uses 6mm Airsoft BBs- 200-220 FPS Muzzle Velocity- 2 lbs
  3. Green Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols. Airsoft Rifles. Airsoft Pistols. Ammo & Gas. Airsoft Magazines. Rebuild Kits AVALON SABER CQB M-LOK TAN 6MM ELECTRIC AIRSOFT RIFLE - 385 FPS. $399.99. VFC PVC CREST PATCH- BLACK & WHITE. $3.99. VFC QRS HI-CAP AIRSOFT M4/M16 MAGAZINE. QRS HI-CAP 6mm Airsoft Mag 300 round capacity black color magazine. $29.
  4. Cheap 1911 Style Metal Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol With Silver Trigger Powered By Green Gas Shoots 300 Feet Per Second (Watch Demo Video) Cheap 1911A1 U.S. Army Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol. Cheap 3/8' Pistol Air Impactool Heavy Duty

G6A M1911 1911 A1 Metal Airsoft Spring Pistol with Silencer & Laser. All new Galaxy G6A M1911 1911 A1 Metal Airsoft Spring Handgun Pistol with Silencer & Red Dot Laser. 290 FPS w/ 0.12g BB's. Dimension: 9 overall in length - 13.5 with barrel extension. $17.19 Dec 7, 2014 - Explore suliedge's board electric airsoft guns, followed by 131 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about airsoft guns, airsoft, guns

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300 FPS THOMPSON M1A1 ELECTRIC WWII AIRSOFT AEG MACHINE GUN Tommy Rifle + 6mm BB. $99.95. Time left:20d 14h 48m. MP40 FULL SIZE AIRSOFT SMG WW2 GREASE GUN SPRING RIFLE w/ 6mm BB BBs M3 M40. $24.95. Time left:11d 14h 44m Features Electric Desert Eagle Full Auto Blowback Pistol FPS-150 Airsoft Gun : Electric. Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic. Blowback Realistic Feature, Adjustable Hop up. FPS-150, Magazine BB Capacity: 10. Length: 8 Inches, Requires 4 AAA Batteries, Brought to you By AirsoftRC.com. Reviews: Most of the consumer reviews state that the Electric. Top 10 Best electric blowback airsoft pistol in 2021 Comparison Table. Sale Bestseller No. 1. HK Heckler & Koch P30 Electric Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Black. 6mm BB airsoft gun with realistic blowback action. Semi-auto and full-auto shooting modes. Shoots 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at up to 180 fps Shop for AEG Electric UTG MP5 Sub Machine Gun FPS-300 Airsoft Gun. Get free delivery On EVERYTHING* at Overstock - Your Online Sports & Fitness Shop! Get 5% in rewards with Club O! - 511050

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Best Price for Spring M8 Tactical SWAT Pistol 300-FPS Airsoft Gun. With Special Pomotions & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping. Read more >> อ่านเพิ่มเติม » D93 By Well Uzi Automatic Airsoft Gun Electric Bb Gun Air Soft Guns By well Normal AEG airsoft guns will usually fire at a velocity between 300 and 400 FPS with 0.20g BBs. There are a lot of varieties of AEG airsoft, but if you want any particular recommendation, then we would recommend the one that has a full metal gearbox because they are much more durable than the plastic ones Airsoft guns are available in popular shooting platforms such as AR-15-type rifles, bolt-action rifles, and a variety of handguns such as Walther Airsoft, GLOCK, Heckler & Koch, and Smith & Wesson Airsoft. They are most often powered by springs, CO2, green gas, or electric motors commonly known as AEGs - Automatic Electric Guns. View as Grid List

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Elite Force Beretta APX CO2 Blowback Pistol Airsoft Gun: 300 to 320 fps $$$ 4.2: Buy At Amazon: 10. Heckler And Koch P30 .177 Caliber Pellet or Airsoft BB Gun Pistol By Umarex: 395 fps $$$ 3.4: Buy At Amazon: 11. HFC Airsoft Green Gas HG-133 Airsoft Gun: 260 to 280 fps $$ 3.0: Buy At Amazon: 12. hfc hg-133 6 Barrel Gas Revolver, Black Airsoft. The nylon polymer body is lightweight yet highly durable. The internals feature a full metal gearbox and aluminum inner barrel. Rate of fire is as expected for an entry to mid-level gun but is easily upgraded with the addition of an AEX Extreme motor (not included). The 320-340 fps muzzle velocity is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play You can lower the FPS on your AEG by replacing the spring with a softer type of spring. Generally, airsoft guns will fire between 10 and 13 FPS less for every 5-spring strength lost. So, if your gun is currently shooting around 300 FPS and you drop 10 strength from the spring, it will shoot somewhere between 274 and 280 FPS They are usually in the form of electric pistols, (usually around 250 fps.) or Co2 and green gas pistols (Average around 350-450 fps.) What is a good fps for an airsoft gun? 300 to 37

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- Velocity (FPS): 300 - Adjustable Hop Up System - R.I.S. (Rail Interface System) - Pin Point Accuracy - Gun Length: 34 Inches Package Includes: - Spring Powered Double Eagle M14 Rifle Quality Airsoft Gun - Starter Pack of Ammo [Full description on AirsoftRC AK 47 AEG Tactical Force Airsoft Rifle. Item#AMP190722143654. MSRP 99.99. Our Price: 50.00. Add to Cart. Airsoft Marketplace Warranty. Description —. Tactical Force AKU 47 AEG Full-Auto Airsoft Rifle goes between semi- and full-automatic with the.. 2- Electric Airsoft guns. The top muzzle speed of the best airsoft gun range between 330 and 300 feet per second. This muzzle speed is enough to increase your performance. Especially when you are on the field. Moreover, it has an adjustable hop-up system. It is because the gun has a capability of 50 FPS. PROS. Generate a high output of. The Mid-Compact 4.3 Hi-Capa pistol features a metal frame, a lightweight aluminum slide for improved efficiency, and adjustable hop-up. With realistic blow back action and a velocity of 300 fps, this airsoft pistol is an excellent tactical choice. It holds 25 BB's, fires semi-automatic and has Description: This Colt M4A1 Carbine from Palco Sports is the perfect airsoft rifle for entry level players that are looking for a reliable electric airsoft gun without breaking the bank. The gun offers select fire capabilities which allows the gun to fire in both semi and full automatic modes. This Colt Licensed airsoft gun features a polymer.

AIRSOFT GUNS. Airsoft Electric Guns (AEG) or Gas Blowback Gun (GBB) An airsoft gun can be spring powered, electric powered or gas / co2 powered. A quality airsoft airsoft AEG rifle will have a metal gearbox and be made of metal or nylon reinforced polymer. Most airsoft guns will shoot between 300 and 400 feet per second (FPS) MiR Tactical has. High Power AK47 Airsoft Electric Gun 300 FPS/0.2G BB Metal & Polymer AK47 high power electric gun with version 3 polymer gearbox. Shoot at 300 FPS with 0.2G BB. Metal inner & external barrel, metal 350 round bbs magazine. Polymer body. Come with a 8.4V rechargeable battery and charger It's thrilling, strategic, and tactical. One can have all the fun in real life instead of only in digital gaming. But this hobby can get expensive as well as most professional airsoft snipers won't recommend going below $150 - $300 guns. But not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars to get a good airsoft sniper for themselves

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Airsoft Guns. Airsoft Shotguns; Airsoft Sniper Rifles; Electric Airsoft Guns; Gas Airsoft Pistols; Gas Airsoft Rifles; Goat Guns (1:3 Scale Replicas) Grenade Launchers; HPA Engines & Rifles; Used Airsoft Guns; BBs & Essentials. Anti-Fog; Batteries & Chargers; BBs; Face Masks; Gas & Co2; Jerky Products; Speed Loaders; Tracer Units; Parts. 1-3 / 10. Umarex Glock 17 Gen4 CO2 Airsoft Pistol $169.99 (Save $5.04) $164.95 Free 2 Day Shipping. 0. Umarex HK MP7 AEG Electric Airsoft Rifle $79.99 $79.79. 0. Umarex Glock 17 Gen3 Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol $179.99 (Save $10.04) $169.95. 0. Umarex Glock 34 Gen4 CO2 Airsoft Pistol $259.99 (Save $5.04) $254.95. 0

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Below are the best AK-47 airsoft guns of 2020: 1. Soft Air Kalashnikov Tactical Electric Powered Airsoft — Best Airsoft AK. Soft Air released a 60th-anniversary special edition AK-47 airsoft rifle with all the bells and whistles including Kalashnikov Trademarks, which makes you feel part of its proud history This item is new out of the original box. Includes the gun, magazine, battery and charger. Electric-powered air rifle with fully automatic and semiautomatic action Drop-free, 300-round hi-cap magazine ABS plastic body with a metal barrel Flip-up front sight and a fixed rear sight Integrated tactical railing 300 fps velocit Airsoft Tan M4 RIS CQB SD AEG Assault Rifle Gun Set + Battery & Charger. Type: Machine guns Power Source: Electric Motor Experience Level: Intermediate Color Mapping: Tan Model #: XA6008C Item #: 9SIA0XX7B86687 Return Policy: View Return Policy $155.00 Electric airsoft pistol uses a portable rechargeble battery and a spring loaded piston similar to spring pistols. They are the most commonly available and used airsoft pistols. They are popularly known as Automatic Electric Guns or AEGs and have a muzzle velocity of 150 to 650 ft/s FPS: 300. £124.00. South East TM 1911 Tapped airsoft HPA. Tapped airsoft. £350.00. Yorkshire and the Humber wanted. Wanted tm hi capa. Wanted tm hi capa for reasonable price. £0.00. North East Vorsk hi-capa pistol package Package deal. FPS: 346. £120.00. Derby Cymac CM122 pistol for sale. electric pistol. FPS: 230. £50.00. Sefton.

Double Eagle Spring M22 Silenced Pistol FPS-300 Airsoft Gun reviews and best price. Hunting for Double Eagle Spring M22 Silenced Pistol FPS-300 Airsoft Gun? We have found the best price. Somewhere where you can find these product is through buying on internet retail stores. My team currently compared selling price with other online store an In Airsoft it's all about experience. The entire hobby of playing Airsoft is based on how real the gun looks and functions. Most Airsoft guns are a look alike of a real gun, even on close inspection. As the focus with Airsoft guns is on realism, the focus with BB replica's is more on performance. So less focus on design and more on performance Electric Jg Sr16 M4 Fps 350 Aeg Airsoft Gun. airsoft gun Airsoft guns are replica firearms that propel plastic pellets by way of compressed gas or a spring-driven piston. electric Of, worked by, charged with, or producing electricity 300 (three hundred) is the natural number following 299 and preceding 301 415 FPS Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - Scope & Bi-Pod. 4F1-ZM51 - Sniper Rifle from CYMA. Solid ABS plastic and has a metal bolt. Shoots at an impressive 415 FPS with 0.12g BBs. Overall length 35 Inches. $57.75

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Cons. Holds the fewest BBs in magazine. Fires slowest at 200-250 fps. Made from ABS plastic. A somewhat heavy gun. 2. G&G Airsoft Combat Machine M4 Raider - Editor's Choice Air Rifle. Once you graduated to a more advanced skill set and are ready for a higher level of competition, the G&G Raider is a logical choice 300 round BB high capacity magazine for Double Eagle M89, UMP metal gearbox electric gun. Plastic construction. * 9.00: each: M89P: DE UMP Metal Gearbox AEG With Accessory Double Eagle UMP Metal gearbox electric Rifle. Shoot 300-330 FPS with 0.2G BB. 350 round BB high capacity magazine. 8.4V 1100 MAH NI-MH Battery & Charger included GLOCK G17 Gen5 C02 (HALF) Blowback. $139.95. add to cart. Add to list. Quick View. GLOCK G19X C02 (HALF)Blowback. $139.95 Crosman Softair-Stinger 34 Tactical. The Crosman Stinger 34 is a great entry level airsoft gun. It comes ready to shoot right out of the box. It can shoot at a velocity of up to 300 FPS, which is strong enough to hit targets from 150 feet. We have found with an improved scope you could snipe with this weapon These are the most common and range from $30 Low Powered Electric Guns (LPEG)s to $1,200 SystemA training weapons. An Electric gun is usually referred to as an Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) or Automatic Electric Pistol (AEP) though the latter can cost hundreds for a decent quality version. Gas; Used mostly in pistols and some high end rifles. Electric Airsoft Rifles. Take your skirmish game to the next level with one of the largest airsoft guns, from Just BB Guns. Our electric airsoft rifles are the must-have weapon and often are some of the only weapons accepted in skirmish sites around the world. Don't forget to stock up on batteries and chargers